10 Celebrity Encounters That PROVE They're Just Like Us... Absolute JERKS!

10 Celebrity Encounters That PROVE They’re Just Like Us… Absolute JERKS!

10 Celebrity Encounters That PROVE They’re Just Like Us… Absolute JERKS!

At the end of the day, celebrities are still just every day, normal human beings…if you take away all the fame, glitz and glamour that is!
They can’t be expected to be perfect all the time, even if that’s what their job demands of them, sometimes it’s just not possible.

We often put people from the celebrity world onto a pedestal and think they’re god’s gift to the Universe, they’re often very talented and idolized people. It’s hard not to gain admiration when you’re in such a glitzy business…plus, being in the public eye all of the time is obviously going to get you lots of attention!

But you know what they say? Never meet your heroes, you’ll only be disappointed. It happens…

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As the following people found out…celebrities aren’t always what they seem…sometimes, they’re just like us…they’re jerks!

1. Nelly No Humour

Now, there’s having a genuine sense of humour and just being a snide… I don’t blame this guy for hating on him now, be careful how you treat people on the way up, as you’ll definitely meet them on the way down.

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I was working in the 4 seasons in Atlanta when in comes this slim black dude wearing a feathered jacket, with his signature bandaid on his eye. (It was 2003). I immediately recognized him. “Oh shit, it’s Nelly” I said to myself as we locked eyes. I was buffing the marble floors as he and his entourage entered the hotel lobby. As he walked past me, he looks at me and kicked up his leg and yelled “WHOOPS!!” as if he slipped. His entourage followed up with the fakest payroll laugh, and I forever hate Nelly.


2. Bob Dylan as Bob Dylan

I think this recount of jerk behaviour is pretty much what people would expect from Bob Dylan, to be honest and I guess that’s why people let him get away with it…pretty awful behaviour though.

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“Bob Dylan is the biggest a**hole I’ve ever worked with. My production company put on a show for him a few years back and he was an absolute nightmare. The show was at a basketball arena and he wouldn’t let anyone be on the same floor as him, no matter the circumstance. At one point he had his security detail kick 60 workers who’d put in 10-12 straight hours of manual labor out of the dining hall during their meal break so he could eat alone. “


3. Evian Gate

It’s hard to even believe this recount of Cybil Shepherd having one of the most ridiculous Diva moments in history. Why couldn’t she just have normal coffee!?

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“Cybill Shephard (sp?) was very difficult on-set. I was pretty young, but tagged along with my mother, who was offering setting advice during three scenes. Memorably, production was halted for a scene of her drinking coffee, because she insisted on Evian that could only be dyed brown with organic and non-caloric coloring that also tasted acceptable. Evian decaf wasn’t even enough. It was a very small town, and Evian wasn’t exactly convenience store fare at the time. The delays put everyone on edge.”


4. Now You’re Just Somebody That I Used To Know…

Gotye, U OK HUN?

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“Anyway, last year, my mother saw Gotye in the coffee shop she often visits so as any reporter in the music industry would do she approaches him to ask if he could do a quick interview. Before she says much he turns around and starts yelling “I’M SO SICK OF PEOPLE ASKING ME FOR SHIT, JUST LET ME F*CKING RELAX!!! F*CKING LEAVE ME ALONE!” Etcetera.”


5. Probably best just to stay away from Wesley Snipes

Pretty disgusting behaviour here from this Blade star…I wonder if he’s ever thought of getting himself some diapers, instead of inflicting his weird toilet habits on other people!?

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“Father of an ex-girlfriend worked with Wesley Snipes on Blade. Incredibly stuck up and full of himself was his description. He also pissed on the heavy equipment rather than going to the bathroom.”


6. Fair enough…

Just remember to never give Bill Cosby a compliment….
Not that anyone is likely to, these days…

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“My ex’s Dad met Bill Cosby many years ago at a bar in Atlantic City and told him that he really liked his shoes. Bill Cosby responded very rudely “Get away from me you fuckin’ cracker.”



7. Hulk Smash! (Not That One)

To be honest, this isn’t THAT bad, I think I’d be pretty mad if someone threw up on my shoes! Plus, they were probably expensive! Perhaps lacking in compassion though.

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“I threw up on Hulk Hogan’s shoe and he yelled at me.”


8. I don’t give a damn about my bad reputation!

It seems if someone has a bad reputation, then it would be a good idea to believe it, let’s face it…they’ve obviously done some stuff to earn one in the first place! Tommy Lee Jones certainly has!

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“I used to work at Starbucks in San Antonio and Tommy Lee Jones has a home there. He strolled into my store one day. He was a dick. He argued with us about a syrup charge and then complained about his drink. We offered to remake it, but he left grumbling and being an overall dick. I know he has that reputation, but I honestly didn’t really believe it until I interacted with him. One of the customers asked for his autograph and he told her to fuck herself.”


9. Not a Die Hard fan then!?

Alan Rickman obviously isn’t a fan of Die Hard…even though HE WAS IN IT! He must really regret that part of his career to behave like this…

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“Buddy was getting an autograph from Alan Rickman. Rickman asked what his name was/who he should make it out to. Friend says “Joseph – also, can you sign it ‘Oh god, you’re one of them?’” Rickman realizes it’s from Die Hard. Stops signing, hands pen/paper back to him and walks off. Pretty awesome actually.”


10. A grudge worth keeping!

I don’t blame this person for being resentful, if I’d waited an age for something, only for someone to use their celebrity status to cut ahead, I’d been pretty darn mad too! I know there’s perks of the job and everything, but everyone hates queuing! Fair is fair. Everyone should wait their turn.

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“I had waited an hour and a half in line for a ride at Great Adventure. Was in the front seat line so the wait was even longer. Finally, I was next in line–watched gleefully as my train pulled in. And Chris Rock and his family come walking up from the exit and are given my spot, without waiting at all. I was both sad and mad and have held a grudge against him ever since.”