10 Couples Who Are Also Each Other's Best Friend

10 Couples Who Are Also Each Other’s Best Friend

10 Couples Who Are Also Each Other’s Best Friend

To anyone who has never had a long term relationship before, they can seem impossibly daunting. However, these couples seem to know that the secret to a relationship that lasts longer than a couple of months is actually pretty simple – just marry your best friend. That way, all of these things will come naturally and you’ll love them even more for it:

1. Being lazy together

Ever wanted to just crawl in after a long day, put on pajamas and order take away pizza? Haven’t we all – but imagine this with your partner plus a good old fashioned Disney movie on a projector. Cozy and cute!

2. Simple surprises can go a long way

Yes, it’s pizza again. But whether it’s for a hangover cure or a simple post-nap surprise, waking up to this will never get old.

3. Sharing each other’s wardrobes

Have you ever been so into someone that you start to merge and become a single person? These two certainly know what that’s like.

4. Playing video games

You’ll never have to play video games alone again, even if one of you is more interested in taking a pic of the controller for Instagram than the game itself. But still, you’re in it together and that’s what matters.

5. Matching tattoos

Okay, so this one is pretty controversial and not everyone’s cup of tea. But you have to admit, these Star Wars themed ones are pretty damn awesome, and finding someone who is as equally as nerdy as you is always a huge bonus.

6. Not being afraid to be big kids

When life gets a little too serious, you just need to embrace your inner 5 year old. Your relationship will last if you both know how to have fun!

7. Being weird

Do you know what’s going on here? No, neither do we – but it definitely makes perfect sense to them and that’s what makes their love so amazing.

8. Don’t believe the haters

Been in a relationship since you were still in high school? Don’t worry – can definitely last, no matter what anyone else says!

9. Being slightly psychic with each other

When you get in a really good relationship, you start to read each other’s minds – anyone else experiencing that phenomena? Basically, then your girl gets you tacos before you’ve even asked her to, you know you’ve found the one.

10. Having a good sense of humour

…even in your old age. It’s evident who the pant-wearer is here.

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