10 Facts You Probably Never Knew About Friends

10 Facts You Probably Never Knew About Friends


Now that E4 isn’t constantly playing episodes of Friends, your knowledge of the hit sitcom might be waning a little. While there are dozens of lists of incredible Friends facts you didn’t know, we’ve managed to come up with a couple more you probably didn’t know yet!



1. The cast didn’t want Rachel and Joey together.

Matt LeBlanc said in 2012: “It felt wildly inappropriate. Everybody got super-defensive about the whole thing. We went to David and Marta as a group and said, ‘We’re really concerned about this. It doesn’t feel right. We have a problem with it.'”

2. The original cast only had FOUR friends.


In the original conception of the show, only Joey, Ross, Rachel and Monica were main character. Chandler and Phoebe were supposed to be supporting character.

3. Courtney Cox’s Emmy nomination.

Courtney Cox is the only cast member who didn’t get an Emmy nomination for the show.

Photo by NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

4. Hank Azaria as Joey?

Hank played Phoebe’s scientist boyfriend David after being turned down for the role of Joey.

5. Monica and Joey as the Power Couple?



Before casting the show, Monica and Joey were written as the central couple.