10 Magical Facts About Beauty And The Beast

10 Magical Facts About Beauty And The Beast

10 Magical Facts About Beauty And The Beast

With the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast hitting cinemas, we thought we would give you a list of 10 magical facts about the original 1991 animated film!


1. Walt Disney considered making the film as early as the 1930s!

While Walt Disney was thinking about Beauty and the Beast, French filmmaker Jean Cocteau made a live action version. So Disney tabled until 1991.


2. There was a non-musical version commissioned in the 80s. 

After ten weeks of storyboarding, the film was deemed too dark and depressing. “In the middle of our process, The Little Mermaid premiered, and that changed everything,” Woolverton told the Los Angeles Times. “[T]he concept of the musical, the Broadway musical brought to animation by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken. So I was flown to Disney in Florida to meet with Howard. Howard and I just clicked. … In a hotel room in Fishkill, New York, Howard and I pretty much conjured up this version of Beauty and the Beast. Howard and I never clashed. I was his student. He taught me everything I know about musicals.”

3. Jackie Chan was in the international version.

Jackie Chan voiced the Beast in the Chinese version of the film – even the singing parts!


4. The song “Human Again” was cut from the original movie.

But, the song added 11 minutes to the film and raised questions about the passage of time. “[W]e kept asking, ‘Well what? Is Maurice wondering around in the woods all this time? Is Gaston just sitting around in a tavern drinking beer after beer growing a long white beard?'” co-director Kirk Wise said. “We couldn’t quite figure out what to do with the other characters during this time that Belle’s at the castle and keep the motor of the story running.”

5. Kirk Wise started out drawing caricatures.

Co-director Kirk Wise made extra money drawing caricatures for tourists at Universal studios while he was at art school.


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