10 Messed Up Moments In 80s Cartoons That Wouldn't Happen These Days

10 Messed Up Moments In 80s Cartoons That Wouldn’t Happen These Days

10 Messed Up Moments In 80s Cartoons That Wouldn’t Happen These Days

When we are kids, there is a lot about the shows we watch that goes right over our head. And as the shows were all aimed at kids, our parents probably didn’t pay too much attention either.

But when you look back at some of the most popular shows, there are some pretty strange and sometimes disturbing things going on. In this post we explore some we have come across after looking back.

1. Rainbow Brite Battles Satan In Hell

In the episode ‘The Beginning of Rainbow Land’, Rainbow Brite battles ‘The Evil One’, as well as finding herself in an environment that shows children being held hostage and babies being left to die in the middle of nowhere. And here’s us thinking she was all about rainbows!

2. The ThunderCats Get Naked

Until they were given ‘protective clothing’ by their mentor, the ThunderCats were completely nude, causing much childhood confusion alongside perhaps a tiny bit of excitement…

3. Everyone Melts In G.I. Joe

In The Episode ‘There’s No Place Like Springfield’ Shipwreck becomes trapped in a simulated version of the future in which everyone around him suddenly melts and his wife and kid try to murder him, forcing him to kill them while his home burns down. Sweet dreams!

4. A Demon Tries To Drag Kidnapped Children Into Hell In The Smurfs

In ‘The Smurfs Christmas Special’, a mysterious character called ‘The Stranger’ summons a circle of fire with the purpose of dragging children and Smurfs into the darkest pits of hell. What a lovely Christmas feel-good show to watch as a young child!

5. Fisto Captures Young Boys In He-Man

In the episode ‘Fisto’s Forest’, a large bearded man called Fisto who has an armoured hand harasses young Elf boys by shooting white, sticky webbing at them. We’ll comment no further…

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