10 Ridiculous Movie Mistakes That Nobody Noticed

10 Ridiculous Movie Mistakes That Nobody Noticed


How the hell we managed to miss these we’ll never know!


American Pie


Cup changes from blue to clear.


Mad Max Fur Road

The guns constantly change from shot to shot, from dual SMGs to dual assault rifles.


Dead Pool

What Deadpool actually writes on his drawing is different to what we see at the beginning of the movie.


The director clearly used more than vehicle to film the same scene, despite the characters never changing car. Just look at the car head rest.


Home Alone

Apparently, Kevin’s trousers can magically change colour. It’s a Christmas miracle!


P.S. I Love You

The calendar changes in the background.


Love Actually

In the scene where new prime minister Hugh Grant meets the Number 1o staff, his tie changes pattern.


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

The panoramic roof of the car disappears.


Now You See Me 2

Someone must have put that cover back on the equipment just before Walter came and took it off.


Suicide Squad



What happened to Harley’s signature hair ‘do?