10 Wonderful Facts About Wonder Woman!

10 Wonderful Facts About Wonder Woman!

10 Wonderful Facts About Wonder Woman!

Given that there is a Wonder Woman movie coming out soon starring Gal Gadot, we thought we would pay tribute to the 1970s wonder that was Lynda Carter starring as Wonder Woman.

The series aired in 1975 as a two-hour pilot and then ran for three seasons. Wonder Woman was a classic icon for young girls and women to look up to, and she continues to be a role model even today. So let’s look at these 10 incredible facts about 40-year-old show featuring the lasso-wielding wonder!


Heavy Metal

1. Wonder Woman had Latina heritage.

While Hollywood continues to struggle to bring diversity to its films, Lynda Carter’s mother’s Mexican heritage meant that Carter’s Wonder Woman wasn’t “all-American”.

2. Diana Prince is important too!

Lynda Carter said that Diana Prince, Wonder Woman’s alter-ego, is just as important as the superhero!


3. Lynda created Wonder Woman’s signature spin!

“I invented Wonder Woman’s spin. In the comic book, Diana Prince just left and came back as Wonder Woman. But for the show, they couldn’t figure out how I would make the change. I was a dancer, so I said, ‘I can do a pirouette or a spin.’ They put in the explosion later on.”

4. Season One to Two Time Jump!

Season One was set in the 1940s and saw Wonder Woman fighting off the Nazis in WW2. Season Two moved from ABC to CBS and featured a jump to the 1970s. In the second season, Wonder Woman worked alongside Steve Trevor, Jr. (Waggoner, again) as a CIA-type operative, and still looked the same age despite the 35-year jump!

5. Carter was nearly skint before landing the gig!

Carter had $25 in her bank before her agent called to tell her she’d landed the role.