11 Classic British Foods We Shouldn't Change

11 Classic British Foods We Shouldn’t Change

11 Classic British Foods We Shouldn’t Change

We’re currently living in the Instagram-age. The main priority for youngsters these days is to make sure they keep their whole life updated on their social media – which isn’t a bad thing, it’s nice that they like to stay in touch with their friends all the time.

However, there’s some things that we shouldn’t mess with. When people post their meals, they have to look unique and artsty otherwise, well, what’s the point in posting it? Everyone’s seen your basic beans on toast.

But our classic British meals, what we’re known for, are known for never really looking the best but delivering on being a simple, hearty, delicious meal! So when people come out with their shepherd’s pie in a freaking beer mug… You can understand why we’re a little exasperated here.

So here’s a compilation of 11 staple British foods that have fallen victim to a hipster-blogger that we should learn to just not mess with:

1. The Roast Dinner

Now this is the Sunday dinner we all know and love. And although the adaptation below is pretty cool, we didn’t really see the point.

2. Scotch Eggs

Perfect for snacking and picnics – they’re meant to be simple! So why try to make them fancy?

3. A Cuppa

Come on, guys. Should we even have to have this one on the list?! It’s what we’re known for – nothing beats a nice traditional cup of tea.

4. Fry-Ups

We all count on a full English breakfast from time to time to really make our mornings. It’s the real go-to treat when you’re out for breakfast, isn’t it?

But why would you want it on a rusty looking garden shovel? How is that appetizing?!

5. Bananas

How could we possibly question bananas, you must be wondering… Just scroll down.

6. Shepherd’s Pie

Who doesn’t love a good Shepherd’s Pie? Can’t go wrong really… Well, at least that’s what we thought.

7. Sandwiches

There’s a very simple method to every sandwich: bread, filling bread. So why are we somehow managing to get it wrong?

8. Fish and Chips

Very British, very reliable, very yummy.

But I got served mine in a steel fryer the other week, and it was so difficult to either get to the chips or cut the fish because it was so narrow you couldn’t move anything!

9. Cocktails

Technically not a food, but still valid to the point – we couldn’t even figure out what this was at first.

10. Sausage Rolls

Nothing can beat a Gregg’s sausage roll. Not only are they covered in warm, delicious pastry, but they’re also cheap and cheerful. Which doesn’t explain why these ones are so bloody expensive! (They don’t even look that good, either).

11. Cheese Toasties

You know someone’s been brought up right when they have the proper type of toastie maker – maybe throw in a bit of ham, we’ll allow it, but let’s not get too carried away like this person: