12 Awesome Bands You Loved In The 80's

12 Awesome Bands You Loved In The 80’s

12 Awesome Bands You Loved In The 80’s

There were some cracking bands around in the 80’s. Who was your favourite? Were you lucky enough to see them live? Let’s dust off the vinyl, turn up the stereo and look back at some of the iconic bands that provided the soundtrack for the 1980’s!

1. UB40

Red Red Wine……. in the late 70’s musicians of English, Irish, Jamaican, Scottish and Yemeni parentage got together to form the most popular reggae band of the decade and their music lives on to this day.

2. Blondie

Debbie Harry and her band Blondie brought their sound to the decade. Did you own any of their records?

3. Bon Jovi

This American band received global recognition with the release of their 3rd album, Slippery When Wet in 1983.

4. The Cure

This West Sussex band gained popularity in the 80’s. Hits included Friday I’m In Love.