12 Games That 80s Kids Will Always Remember From Their Childhoods

12 Games That 80s Kids Will Always Remember From Their Childhoods

12 Games That 80s Kids Will Always Remember From Their Childhoods

1. Red Light, Green Light

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This game was an absolute classic on the playground. Kids stood in a line and waited for the game leader to either shout ‘red light’ or ‘green light’. When ‘green light’ was yelled, you’d all zoom off until you heard ‘red light’. The aim was to be the first to cross the finish line at the end.

2. Hide and Seek

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Another true classic. Who else always tried to hide under duvets or behind objects that obviously wouldn’t conceal them? You could always just cover your eyes, since if you couldn’t see them, they couldn’t see you either.

3. Making Mud Pies

For the brave – or the gross – of heart. Molding and shaping mud into pies was one of the strangest and yet most satisfying game of many people’s childhoods.

4. Rolling Down Grassy Hills

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Definitely one of those games played by young adrenaline junkies. If you made it down a particularly high, steep hill, you’d be practically held in the same esteem as someone who was brave enough to jump out of an aeroplane.

5. Collecting Tadpoles

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What could be more exciting than keeping tadpoles and watching them grow?

6. Riding bikes

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You’d take your bike¬†everywhere, even if it was just down the road to see a friend. It’s more than likely that you wanted to show off your new skills, too.

7. Skipping rope

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There were so many rhymes to choose from, and you probably still remember them to this day. It was a great way to burn off all that extra energy you had!

8. Playing in the park

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Slides, swings, roundabouts, and climbing frames… These places had it all and you could just let your imagination run wild. Whenever your parents agreed to let you visit it was basically the best day ever.

9. Hopscotch

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An important part of the process was actually getting on your hands and knees and drawing this thing out with chalk. We should definitely get kids doing this again, cause it’s more fun than it sounds on paper.

10. Croquet

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Something of a forgotten game nowadays, but it’s still heaps of fun and you can play it with the whole family.

11. Swingball

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The best thing about Swingball was that would could play it with two people, or by yourself if no one was around. And better yet, you didn’t have to worry about hitting it over the neighbour’s fence and having to ask for it back.

12. Drinking Straight From The Hose

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Okay, so less of a game and more of an… Activity. But it was still something everyone used to do, since it was so much easier than going all the way inside to fill up a glass of water. Then you could go right back to hide and seek!

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