12 Reasons 90s Gameshows Were So Much Better Than They Are Today

12 Reasons 90s Gameshows Were So Much Better Than They Are Today


It often feels like television was better back in the 90s, so here’s a list of the 12 best 90s Gameshows to prove it!


1. The Crystal Maze


No matter the rumours of a remake, there’s just no topping this insane 90s classic! The Crystal Maze required contestants to carry out a host of challenges in an attempt to collect the crystals.

2. Man o Man


The 90s version of Take Me Out, Man o Man had to strut their stuff in an attempt to convince the female audience to keep them on each round. The winner won a motorcycle!

3. Gladiators

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The show Gladiators saw members of the public compete against each other with giant foam cotton buds to try and knock each other over while wearing tight spandex. What’s not to love?

4. The Moment of Truth


The Moment of Truth gave families the chance to change their lives. They were given a challenge, which they were allowed to prepare for, then carried it out in front of the studio audience.


5. You Bet


Hosted by Matthew Kelly, You Bet relied on contestants betting on the ability of a random audience member to carry out a given task.

6. Challenge Anneka

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Anneka Rice would take on challenges and do it all without paying for anything – she would hitchhike across the country and ask for things for free.

7. Don’t Try This At Home


The show that had it’s warning in the name saw contestants take part in crazy stunts in an attempt to win a lifetime medal.

8. Blockbusters



The gameshow where contestants had to answer trivia questions to pave a path across or down the hexagon-covered board game!