12 Secrets About 'Grease' That You Probably Never Knew

12 Secrets About ‘Grease’ That You Probably Never Knew

12 Secrets About ‘Grease’ That You Probably Never Knew

Grease is just one of those movies that everyone has probably seen at least once, and the soundtrack is near impossible to get out of your head once it’s in there. Listen closely, because we’re about to spill 12 secrets that you’ve most likely never heard about this all-time classic.

1. Olivia Newton-John was this close to not taking the role of Sandy


She might not have been in the film at all! At age 28, Newton-John was skeptical that she could pull off looking like a high school student, so requested she have a screen test before accepting the part. Upon seeing that she was convincing enough, she decided to go ahead and take the role.

2. The film could have been an animation


Grease could have been very, very different. It was originally planned to be an animation, which would have meant we’d have never seen a live-action version of the classic “Tell me about it, stud” – which would have been a travesty. Whilst the idea didn’t stick with the directors and producers, the credits are animated as a nod towards the idea.

3. Some product placement went to watse

What’s with all that blurred out stuff in the movie? Turns out that Coca-Cola had a placement deal in the movie originally, but the whole thing fell through during production. Since it was too late to remove all the products, they just had to be blurred out.

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