12 Teenage Memories For 80's Kids

12 Teenage Memories For 80’s Kids

12 Teenage Memories For 80’s Kids

As we approached our teenage years, our hobbies and tastes started to change. The kids clothes got handed down and the action figures sent to the car boot sale. We weren’t kids anymore, we were young adults with attitude! How many of these memories remind you of your turbulent teenage years?

1. Atlantic 252

Before the days of crisp digital radio, we had analogue including the squeaky long wave frequency but Atlantic 252 was THE radio station to listen to.

2. Fun Fax

Now your were young adult you needed to get your chaotic life in order and what better way than with the cool Fun Fax.

3. MD 20 20

Absolutely vile but a right of passage for a lot of us as we hit our late teens.

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