12 Things You Would Find Around An 80's House

12 Things You Would Find Around An 80’s House

12 Things You Would Find Around An 80’s House

Nowadays we are spoilt rotten with all of the gadgets that surround us and cater to our every need. We weren’t as fortunate in the 80’s but we still had some really cool gadgets. Let’s step into the time machine and go back to have a look at some of the most memorable things that made our lives that bit easier!

1. Carpet Sweeper

Before vacuum cleaners became common place, these were your best bet for cleaning your carpets. Many older people continued to use them well into the 80’s. Do you still have one in your house?

2. Television Coin Meter

If you rented your television then you may recognise this. The coin meter allowed a certain amount of viewing hours for every coin inserted. You wouldn’t want to be out of change when your favourite TV programme was on.

3. Top Loading Washing Machine

Of course you can still buy top loading washing machines today but in the 80’s models like this beauty were far more common in the home.

4. Top Loading Video Recorder

We liked top loaders in the 80’s and the earliest models of VHS recorders were all designed in this way.

5. Mr Frosty

We all wanted a Mr Frosty in the 1980’s! Did anyone get one for Christmas?

6. Teasmade

Did you like to wake up to a brew first thing in the morning. If you did then I hope you had a Teasmade! Does anyone still have one today?

7. Soda Stream

Another novelty kitchen appliance was the Soda Stream. If you were allowed fizzy pop then this was a do it yourself alternative to the pop delivery man.

8. Mixmaster Stand

Sounding more like a tool of a superstar DJ than something your Gran would use, this was an appliance for bakers everywhere. If you were lucky enough as a kid, you were allowed to scrape the mixing bowl out.

9. Hostess Trolley

This rather clunky looking trolley was the height of sophistication in the 80’s. Loaded with vol-au-vents you could be the hostess with the most-ess as you wheeled this beauty in.

10. Nested Tables

We knew how to make the best of available space in the 80’s and these nested tables were great when you had visitors round.

11. Typewriter

If you were not fortunate enough to have a computer but you wanted to write a professional looking letter then the typewriter was a great appliance to have in your home.

12. Rotary telephone

I can still remember the noise these made when dialling. Like many things in the 80’s these are now quite a cool retro item.