12 Things We Used To Love Watching At Christmas In The 80's

12 Things We Used To Love Watching At Christmas In The 80’s

12 Things We Used To Love Watching At Christmas In The 80’s

We all  used to look forward to flicking through the bumper issue of the Radio Times for an early peak of the festive television treats that would be served up over the Christmas period! In the 80’s there was something for everyone! We might have only had 4 channels but we really could have done with more than just a video recorder to make sure we caught all of our favourites. Let’s take a look back at some of the very best bits!

1. Mary Poppins

In 1984 we watched the television premier of Mary Poppins on BBC One and it has been a regularly been repeated at Christmas time ever since.

2. The Snowman

The Snowman was another 80’s first, getting its first showing on Channel 4 in 1980. Tissues needed to be close by for the ending!

3. Santa Claus – The Movie

This was and definitely still is my favourite bit of Christmas TV. Absolutely magical when he gets his sleigh up into the night sky. It was initially considered a failure but gained a cult following and has been a Christmas staple ever since!

4. The Queen

Here she is, in all her 80’s glory. You were told to be quiet at 3pm when the Queen addressed your front room with her Christmas speech.

5. A Christmas Carol

In 1984, we joined Ebenezer Scrooge played by George C Scott as he was visited by ghosts in the night.

6. Christmas with Val Doonican

This used to really make us feel festive. Val Doonican belting out the Christmas hits in a winter wonderland. So much better than the X Factor rubbish we have on nowadays.

7. The Racoon’s on Ice

We could have picked one of several feature length animated Christmas specials but we thought The Racoon’s on Ice was pretty imaginative!

8. Bullseye

We were having a super, smashing, great Crimbo by the time we joined Jim Bowen to watch a load of folk covered in tinsel trying to play darts.

9. Christmas Morning with Noel

Another tear jerker for us as Noel Edmonds, joined by celebrities reunited long lost family members.

10. Chas and Dave’s Christmas Knees Up

In 1982 cockney pair Chas and Dave got us all up for a festive boogie!

11. The 2 Ronnies Christmas Special

These were proper Christmas specials! The 2 Ronnies managed 4 of them in total between 1973 and 1987. Anyone watched all 4?

12. Christmas Comes To Pac-Land

We like obscure on this page so here is the 1982 Christmas Comes to Pac-Land, featuring your favourite 80’s video game ghost gobbler, Pac-Man!