13 Of The Worst Celebrity Waxworks Of All Time

13 Of The Worst Celebrity Waxworks Of All Time

13 Of The Worst Celebrity Waxworks Of All Time

What’s the appeal of wax statues? Many people have asked, few really know the answer. But we can’t deny that Madame Tussauds and the like continue to draw in crowds from around the world. In fairness, many of the waxworks that museums have unveiled in the past look eerily similar to their living, breathing counterparts, but sometimes the creators can get it very wrong indeed. If you want proof, check out this list of the 13 worst celebrity waxworks of all time. Just don’t blame us if you have trouble sleeping tonight…

1. Lady Gaga

Thank goodness the real Lady Gaga wasn’t ‘Born This Way’ because this horrendous waxwork might be the most terrifying thing we have ever laid eyes on. The wax figure was unveiled at a museum exhibition in Lima, Peru and seems to place Gaga in her meat-dress wearing phase from the 2010 VMAs. It’s hard to take your eyes off the face though really…it looks more like a prop from American Horror Story.

2. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling has millions of fans around the world, so we understand why the Madame Tussaud’s in Berlin was so eager to create a wax statue of the La La Land star. What we don’t understand is how they managed to get it quite so wrong. Gosling fans must have been disappointed that they were greeted with a waxwork of Blue’s Lee Ryan, rather than a clone of the silver screen heart throb.

3. Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney has never been known for his looks, instead preferring to show off his immense talent on the football pitch at club and international level. However, we have to say that this wax statue is not the greatest testament to his England career. It really does look as though they modelled the waxwork off a picture of Shrek, rather than Wayne’s actual features. We have a feeling that his home fans will be booing this particular wax statue for years to come.

4. Nicki Minaj

Oh, my, gosh. Look at her waxwork. The artists behind this creation decided to give themselves a real challenge by trying to replicate one of Nicki’s infamously raunchy poses from her 2014 music video for Anaconda. Whilst we’ll give it to the creators that her curves are in all the right places, the face simply looks nothing like the real Nicki. We’re beginning to understand where their priorities lay whilst they were creating this wax statue…

5. Noel Edmonds

Scary. This is the first entry on our list from the Madame Tussaud’s in Great Yarmouth, and it’s a cracker. They’ve angled Noel’s head so that it’s looking slightly to one side, as if he’s staring into the soul of a Deal Or No Deal contestant, but it just doesn’t work. They need to get this waxwork on Swap Shop asap.

6. Kim Kardashian

It’s never a great idea for a celebrity to pose directly next to their wax work, even when the figure in question looks fairly similar to them. This wasn’t the case for reality star Kim Kardashian’s wax version of herself – the eyes are different, the skin tone is different – even the breasts aren’t right. Still, Kim was more than happy to pose for the cameras at Madame Tussaud’s New York.

7. Prince William

Is it possible to arrest the person who made this waxwork for treason? Maybe lock them up in the Tower of London? It’s the only way to compensate for this royally messed-up version of Prince William. Back in the day, Wills was one good-looking prince. This horrendous version of a young Duke of Cambridge is doing absolutely nothing for us.

8. Matt Smith

If Matt Smith ever wants to know what he’s going to look like in another 10-20 years then he need look no further than the Dr Who Experience. This particular wax statue is eerie and pale and we wouldn’t want to meet it in a dark alleyway – nothing like what Dr Who is supposed to be in real life!

9. The Beckhams

The Beckhams are an iconic duo and nearly everyone on the planet could recognise them in an instant. That’s why it’s so baffling that the Madame Tussaud’s in Great Yarmouth decided to put these awful wax works on display. They couldn’t look more different from the glamorous celebrity couple they’re supposed to replicate. I’d be asking for a refund…

10. Adele

OK let’s face it – this waxwork of Adele basically resembles a man in drag. It’s certainly not a faithful reproduction of one of the world’s most recognisable singers. Fortunately for Adele and her legions of fans, it seems as though Madame Tussauds must have taken the hint and recently updated their version of the Someone Like You singer. The new version looks much more realistic:

11. Mr Bean

Mr Bean is the much-loved comedy creation of Rowan Atkinson. This wax work has never been loved by anyone, anywhere. We think that the creators were trying to replicate one of Mr Bean’s facial contortions then gave up half way through and tried to make him smile. Whatever happened, it scares us to death.

12. John Travolta

John Travolta was a 70s heart throb, but nobody in their right mind would want to have their picture taken with this ‘life-like’ replica of his head. We can see what they were trying to do, but the hair, skin, eyebrows and zany make-up really make this one hilariously bad. Time to quit the day job, wax workers!

13. Kylie Minogue

There’s only one word for this statue – terrifying. The Kylie we know and love has been transformed into an extra from a creepy 70s horror film, complete with dead eyes and weird teeth. This is not a picture to look at straight before you go to bed – we know that we’re going to have nightmares about this wax statue for ages.