14 Gorgeous Guys From 90s Bands Then & Now!

14 Gorgeous Guys From 90s Bands Then & Now!

14 Gorgeous Guys From 90s Bands Then & Now!

For those of you who were obsessed with these bands during the 90s, you probably had posters with some of these guys on your walls! Whether you liked their music, their looks, or their cool rock and roll aesthetic, you’ll be amazed by how they’ve turned out! Some of the guys on this list have aged gracefully, looking just as good as (if not better than) they did in the 90s. That being said, some of them clearly lived the rock and roll lifestyle a little too hard…


1. Anthony Kiedis: The Red Hot Chili Peppers

quasecalifornia.tumblr.com | Jordan Strauss via Getty Images

2. Stephan Jenkins: Third Eye Blind

images.newscred.com | Instagram

3. Dan Wilson: Semisonic

riffraf.typepad.com | Jason Merritt via Getty Images

4. Keith Flint: The Prodigy

Google | htbackdrops.com

5. Zach de la Rocha: Rage Against the Machine

Lisa Johnson via rollingstone.com | revoradio1041fm.net

6. Tim Wheeler: Ash

en.wikipedia.org | James Mooney via jamesmooneyphotography.tumblr.com

7. Gregg Alexander: The New Radicals


Google | Flickr: [email protected]

8. Johnny Reznik: Goo Goo Dolls

Unknown | Jason Kempin/Staff via Getty Images

9. Dave Pirner: Soul Asylum

Mazur / Wireimage | blog.thecurrent.org

10. Richard Ashcroft: The Verve

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11. Crispian Mills: Kula Shaker

pcviciomusic.com | Chung Sung-Jun via Getty Images

13. Trent Reznor: Nine Inch Nails

nrtfashions.blogspot.com | Ethan Miller via Getty Images

14. Gavin Rossdale: Bush

boobooradley.blogspot.com | Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images