15 Cities That Have Changed Drastically Over The Years

15 Cities That Have Changed Drastically Over The Years

15 Cities That Have Changed Drastically Over The Years

Our world and population have changed dramatically in the last 60 or so years. Going from 746 million in 1960 to 3.9 billion in 2014. Thanks to this rapid population growth, our cities have had to evolve too.

The evolution of these cities are so amazing, they are hardly recognisable! These then and now pictures will truly shock you and show how quickly the world can develop in just a few decades.

1.) Dubai 1960s and now



It’s hard to believe that this is actually the same place…Dubai has changed and developed so much that it’s practically unbelievable to think that it’s now such an expensive and luxurious place to be in comparison.

2.)  Avenida Nueve de Julio in Buenos Aires in 1930s and now

Wikimedia Commons


It’s strange how it almost looks less crowded with more space now than it did in the 1930s! It is actually the widest street in the world which might explain why it looks so empty. Avenida Nueve de Julio is a celebration of Argentina’s independence.

3.) Hong Kong 1960s and now

© philakashi

It looks like Hong Kong has just kept building higher and higher up! They seem to be much more modern than before and seem to love bright lights. I love how you can still see the mountains in the distance, always watching over.

4.) Hyderabad in India 1880s and now

Old Indian Photos


I refuse to believe that these are pictures of the same place! Hyderabad is now a major city for the technology industry and you can see why. The almost empty landscape of Hyderabad in the 1880s pales in comparison to the skyscraper-filled skyline now.

5.) Chicago in 1838 and now

Chicago Public Library

What was once a river that passed a couple of small buildings now runs through a huge city full of massive skyscrapers! It’s astounding to see how quickly we have developed and really makes you think about where we will be in just a few more decades…

6.) The Sultan Abdul Samad Building in Kuala Lumpur 1900s and now



The Sultan Abdul Samad Building was built in the 19th century and is a hotspot for tourist attractions. The architecture and designs remain exactly the same to this day, expect the backdrop has changed from rolling hills and trees to huge skyscrapers.

7.) Toronto, Canada 1930 and now

© lifestylecustom

Toronto looked much more modest back in the 1930s, now it is bold, bright and beautiful! It would have been a faint spark against the water at night in the 30s, now in the present day it is a colour show!

8.) Downtown Los Angeles 1990s and now



To think that this was only 25 years ago is absolutely insane! The city has grown so much and the smog pollution problem has thankfully improved drastically since then.

9.) Seoul, South Korea 1950s and now

© ever

I think that this has to be the biggest change, it’s virtually unrecognisable now! The city is now absolutely packed with buildings and is a completely different place to what it was in the 1950s.

10.) Suzhou Creek in Shanghai 1920 and now



I must admit, it looks much cleaner, tidier and less busy now! I wonder what the people on the boats would think now that Shanghai is a big city with exciting bright lights, would they be happy or sad?

11.) The Republic Square in Yerevan 1916 and now

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

I must admit, the Republic Square in Yerevan looked much more like a square in 1916 than it does now in 2019, it’s so much more oval now! The buildings definitely do the square justice and are a throwback to older times when the square was used.

12.) Bangkok 1900s and now

Daily Mail

Lonely Planet

1900 was a long, long time ago now and it really shows! Now Bangkok is a huge, sprawling city with beautiful bright lights and full of people. It used to be so much quieter but I’m happy to see that they stuck with the original architectural design.

13.) Manhattan with The Brooklyn Bridge 1900s and now



Manhattan was pretty densely populated and built up in the 1900s. However, now it is on a whole new level of populated, the Brooklyn Bridge has had a huge overhaul too! The only reason that it’s still recognisable is thanks to the iconic Manhattan shape.

14.) Singapore 1960s and now

© huffpost

Surely this cannot be the same place?! So many buildings have been knocked down and altered, it looks like an entirely different place. Singapore has truly changed beyond recognition.

15.) Fortaleza, Brazil 1980 and now

© araraunaturismo

Usually, I think that the more built up the area is, the less beautiful it is. However, in this case, Fortaleza looks so much nicer now than it did in the 80s! The beach looks much better looked after too.

It is extremely eye-opening to see just how much the world can change and develop in just a short space of time in human history. Blink and the landscape around you will change! Which change shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments.