15 Crazy Nail Designs That You Will NEVER Try

15 Crazy Nail Designs That You Will NEVER Try

15 Crazy Nail Designs That You Will NEVER Try

Who doesn’t love painting their nails? It’s relaxing, therapeutic and you end up with some pretty nails afterwards, you can’t lose! However, sometimes you really can lose, big time. These people have come up with the most bizarre nail designs that range from weird to impractical and just plain gross!

These nail designs definitely aren’t short of creativity but the results really are quite strange. So, if you are stuck for nail inspiration, ditch the standard red polish and embrace something new, you might just hate it!

1.) Selfie nails

Dain Yoon

These nails feature the wearer’s selfies and actual HAIR. Why? I have absolutely no idea. These look like something out of a weird voodoo ritual and definitely isn’t something we want to get involved with. I don’t really want to look at pictures of myself on my nails all day. Imagine trying to make food with these, you will end up eating hair. Be right back, just going to throw up.

2.) Dead bug nails

Deadly Nails

Found a dead bug and don’t want to throw it away for some bizarre reason? Then, why not stick it on your nails?! These nails are actually pretty minus the dead bug. Did the artist think “These nails just need one more thing…ah! A dead ladybug, perfect!” We can’t guarantee you’ll have any friends left if you decide to have these nails.

3.) Pimple nails

Natasha Lee

Now, I wish I could lie to you and say that these nail pimples aren’t poppable but, unfortunately, they are. Feel free to throw up now. Imagine shaking hands with this person and popping their nail pimples, that would be such a mess.

4.) Sonogram nails

Sarah Clarke

Why would you want a sonogram on your nails? That’s SUCH a random thing to want that I cannot actually wrap my head around it. It might make a tiny bit more sense if you’re pregnant but it’s still a little…weird. Must be the hormones.

5.) Pierced nails

Nails by Katie C

It’s a cool idea but I really don’t get the point of it. It’s so impractical and must have taken ages! I’ll stick to piercing other body parts, thanks.

6.) Corkscrew nails

Café Mom

When you don’t have a corkscrew and are invited to wine night, voila! You are suddenly the most popular guest! It may be convenient for a split second, then it is just the most ridiculous thing ever.

7.) Braces nails

Nail Sunny

As if having real braces wasn’t bad enough, now you can relive the experience by putting them on your nails! Seriously, why would you do this? You can’t even move your hands properly; the impracticality is killing me!

8.) Comb nails

Nail Sunny

You can now comb your hair wherever you are, whenever you want! The only reason I would want these nails is to creep strangers out by brushing their hair with my tiny combs when they were least expecting it. Just me? Okay.

9.) Toothbrush nails

Nail Sunny

If you ever fancy freshening up or if you spot a bit in your friend’s teeth, you can now save the day and start brushing teeth all day, every day! It may not be hygienic but it’s handy! Kind of.

10.) Period nails

Annelies Hofmeyr

Oh wow, there’s the tampon string and everything. Yikes. These nails definitely shouldn’t exist. I don’t know any girl that loves her period that much.

11.) Reptile nails

Nail Sunny

I’m going to be honest, these nails are pretty damn cool, definitely one for Halloween! But any other time of year? Hell no! Imagine the number of scratches you would inflict on innocent people in your life.

12.) Pencil nails

Nail Sunny

They may be impractical but these pencil nails actually work! Perfect for those arty types who simply have to draw ALL. OF. THE. TIME.

13.) Cork board nails

Piggie Love

It may look like a gross nail infection but NO it’s just a cork board! For when you want to pin reminders onto your nails for some strange reason.

14.) Snow globe nails

Nail Sunny

If you are just a little TOO into the Christmas spirit then these nails are perfect for you! I would just stick with the red and green but if you really want to go the extra mile, you can add a huge impractical snow globe too! For hardcore Christmas fans only.

15.) Vagina nails

Project Object

Embrace your feminine side and get a vagina, on your nails! Screw the patriarchy and rise above. Flip people off with your vagina nails! Honestly, these are so ridiculous I have no more words.

So, there you have it, new nail designs you simply HAVE to check out. These designs should never have been created but part of me really wants to try them out…wish me luck.