15 Dads Photos That Are Just TOO Awkward For Words!

15 Dads Photos That Are Just TOO Awkward For Words!

15 Dads Photos That Are Just TOO Awkward For Words!

We all know our parents can be embarrassing sometimes, even as we get older, our parents seem to make it their mission to go to more extreme ways to make their children red in the face!

Let’s face, the ‘Dad Joke’ is called that for a reason…because it’s so embarrassing and cringe-worthy, it’s almost good!

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So, just like the ‘Dad Joke’ we have found 15 photos of Dad’s doing their stuff…and by doing their stuff, I mean being really, really, REALLY awkward and blush-inducing.

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Part of me wants to meet these guys and give them a pat on the back, some of them are THAT good!

However, I’m also pretty sure that there are some, that their kids have tried to burn on numerous occasions to avoid the humiliation of them ever being seen by the public…

To which they have obviously failed…and they are now being seen by millions of people on the internet.

Seriously, what WERE some of these guys thinking!?

1. I wonder what this Dad does for a living!?

I’m guessing…Doctor!? This isn’t too bad, I suppose… although it does smack a bit of ‘everyone needs to know I’m a Doctor, so I’m going to do a photo shoot showing that fact AND I’m going to get my baby involved!’

2. Which is sweeter!?

I’m going to take a wild guess here and say… neither!? I cringed so hard at both of these that I actually heard my butt cheeks pop!

3. No part of this is right…

Now, there are wardrobe malfunctions and then there’s just out and out FAILS!! Not only is there nothing left of his sweatshirt, but his trousers leave nothing to the imagination either! Oh well, at least the children look happy!

4. Erm…

I’m really not too sure what to say about this. It just seems like this Dad is too busy posing with his glutes, rather than be bothered about taking a normal family picture. The kid’s face says it all!

5. A 50’s throwback and Ron Jeremy!?

That’s all I deduced from these two ‘Daft Dad’ pics! Plus, I was way too distracted by the hula hoop in the first picture!

6. Cats vs Babies

They’re both cute, but I’m afraid that cats are going to win every time! Cat Dads are instantly gorgeous!
& The picture on the left is only solidifying that fact!
(Hang on, is the man in the right pic pregnant too!?)

7. You got to do what you got to do….hmm…

Well, apparently so, and I was staring blankly at the picture on the right for at least 20 minutes. I can’t even…I need a strong cup of tea before I can proceed.

8. WOW.

Well, all I’m going to say is this…give me a fat, scary looking goth any day, over a guy who thinks it’s “cool” to have a gun near his pregnant wife.

9. What IS that!?

Just what IS that thing he’s holding!? & why is he so proud of it, that it has to feature in the family portrait!? I’m guessing it’s a plunger…if so, it’s probably his wife’s Christmas present!

10. Bins or Guns?

WOW. The guy on the right seems chill, doesn’t he? I think not. Again, give me a guy who randomly gets into a trash bin with my obviously upset child, than one who thinks it’s okay to have a gun near their pregnant partner, whether it’s loaded or not, what is UP with some people!?

11. He might have got dressed before he got married…

The one on the left may be a bit cringe-worthy, but it’s still cute…whereas the guy on the right just looks like he couldn’t be bothered hiring a suit! Get some clothes on, fella!

12. Oh my god, what is he doing to them!?

Why has he got so many wives? & WHY has he been allowed to re-marry!? Look at THAT FACE! Why has no one twigged yet…!? Come on, he looks like an insane peanut!

13. A bit too excited maybe?

Well, he’s either really excited at having a family photo taken…or he’s taken something. In fact, the more you look at this, the weirder it gets!

14. Just WHY!?

My brain can’t even notice the utter CRINGE of the right pic, because it’s too SHOOK by the left one! Did no one ask Dad why he decided not to wear any clothes!? What he did have against those matching Pyjamas that was so bad, he decided to be naked for the picture instead!? I need to know!

15. Well, this ain’t creepy…AT ALL.

How did he think that he wouldn’t look creepy like this!? Everyone knows that dressing as the Easter Bunny is always a fine line between being cute and being something from your deepest, darkest nightmares!? I’m surprised that the kids look so happy, I’d be running for the hills!

As I say, I’d really love to meet some of these guys, only now, after having to study their photos intently, I’d think I’ll be giving some of them a slap, rather than a pat on the back!

What’s the most embarrassing thing your father has done to you? Shame him and let us know!

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(All images sourced from Sad and Useless – Unless otherwise credited.)