22 Dads That Get Full Marks For Creativity

22 Dads That Get Full Marks For Creativity

    When a father takes on the enormous responsibility of child-rearing, they do so with the same gusto as they would a favorite hobby! In fact, they happen to have a unique and undeniably radical way in which to handle even the most mundane tasks with tons of creativity. In fact, there are plenty of things that we can learn from men when it comes to raising kids. So, when we saw these #dad hacks, we were duly impressed by their ability to overcome these daily duties with some hacks that are sure to give us all a different outlook on how to care for a child. Let’s take a look at some of their unique approaches to some of our most common situations with kids:

    1. Not all shirts belong on his back:

    In this case, this guy takes the shirt off of his own back in order to keep his kid safely in the chair while he prepares a meal! That way, he knows his child is safe and sound. Genius!

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    2. Loading and unloading the child:

    This guy refuses to carry around his child in the chairs and opts to use this hand truck to roll the child around with ease. Not a bad idea at all! After all, these tools were invented for a reason. . .

    3. Twice the fun:

    These twins are doubled up and going on the ride of their lives! Of course, no mom would ever consider doing this. . . That’s what dads are for! So long as no child was hurt during the process. . .

    4. Posted by mom, cleverly invented by dad:

    In this case, a few bananas were used to get through feeding time with this little bundle of joy and although the ideas appear to be a bit bananas, it clearly worked great! This child doesn’t seem to mind.

    5. Another clever way to feed the child “hands-free”:

    I would expect to see this with some duct tape. . . No man is without that! However, I suppose any tape will do!