15 Movie Blunders That You'll Never Be Able To Unsee

15 Movie Blunders That You’ll Never Be Able To Unsee

Sometimes these things are hiding in plain sight…

1. In Titanic, Jack Dawson talks about Lake Wissota – which is odd, because that particular lake hadn’t been made at the time of the events in the movie

Source: 20th Century Fox

It would be another five years after the Titanic sank before Lake Wissota, a man-made lake, became a thing.

2. In Frozen, Elsa’s hair clips through her shoulder

Source: Disney

If you look closely, there’s an animation flaw that sees Elsa’s braid pass all the way through her shoulder.

3. In She’s All That, Taylor is shown to get a tattoo of a heart

Source: FilmColony

But by the time the prom scene rolls around, it’s disappeared completely

Source: FilmColony

So… Did she get it removed?!

4. In Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, it isn’t explained how Grandpa Joe managed to make it out of bed

Source: Wolper Productions

Grandpa Joe hasn’t left his bed in 20 years, but still somehow manages to get his hands on a chocolate bar without anyone noticing.

5. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, you can see the snake reflected in the glass in front of Indiana Jones

Source: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Phew! For a second we thought he was in actual danger.

6. In Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, a chessboard is seen here with pieces on it:

Source: Morgan Creek Productions

But in the next scene, the pieces have magically disappeared

Source: Morgan Creek Productions

Check mate.

7. In the Hobbit movies, Legolas’ eyes are blue:

Source: New Line Cinema

But they’re very dark in the Lord of the Rings trilogy

Source: New Line Cinema

This makes even less sense because Peter Jackson directed both of these and you’d have thought he’d notice. What do your elf eyes see? And could they make up their mind which colour they are?

8. In Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts is getting really into this croissant in one scene…

Source: Paramount Pictures

She was nowhere near done with it before it transformed itself into a pancake in a matter of seconds:

Source: Paramount Pictures

9. In North by Northwest, a kid reacts to the gunshot before it happens

Source: Metro Goldwyn Mayer

The kid on the right covers up his ears in anticipation of the noise.

10. In Star Wars: Episode IV, A New Hope, a stormtrooper hits his helmet off of the doorframe

Listen out and you’ll even hear it CLUNK.

11. In Dirty Dancing, the car is in park position even though Johnny is driving

Source: Paramount Pictures

Oh dear, he wouldn’t get very far in real life.

12. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Lily’s eyes were the wrong colour

Source: Warner Bros.

To stay faithful to the books, in which Harry has his mother’s eyes, their eye colours would have been the same. However, Harry’s eyes in the film are green, and Lily’s are brown.

13. In Gladiator, a tank of compressed air is seen on the back of a chariot

Source: Scott Free Productions

Which is a weird thing to appear randomly in Ancient Rome. But maybe they were just more advanced than we thought.

14. In Grease, the waitress completely missed the light switch on the wall

Source: RSO Records

She tries to hit it with her elbow because her hands are both in use. She’s not even close, but the lights still go out anyway. Weird.

15. In American Sniper, there’s a faker than fake baby

Source: Village Roadshow Pictures

We get that it’s sometimes hard to have babies on screen, but yeah, it’s really obvious. You can even see actor Bradley Cooper moving the baby’s hand with his thumb. Oops!

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