15 Of The Most SHOCKING Eyebrows You’ll Ever See

15 Of The Most SHOCKING Eyebrows You’ll Ever See

15 Of The Most SHOCKING Eyebrows You’ll Ever See

We all know that its sometimes a challenge to get our eyebrows looking exactly how we want them. However, it gets to point when you have to ask if these people check their eyebrows in the mirror AT ALL before they go out.

If you are going to shave off your eyebrows, make sure you know how to draw them back on before you end up creating monstrosities similar to these. Honestly, no eyebrows at all would be a better look than these scary creations.

1.) The classic 90-degree angle

I have absolutely no idea what was running through this woman’s head when she decided she wanted angled eyebrows. You could honestly use these brows as an upside-down line graph! At least they are multi-functional…

2.) The line

Now, these eyebrows are a very bold statement. Just two straight lines, that’s all you need! What the most terrifying thing is that you cannot really tell what her expression is anymore, she’s just constantly serious. Unnerving.

3.) The villain

This woman looks like a classic villain from some kind of kid’s movie. I wonder whether her hand slipped halfway through and she just decided to roll with it? I bet many people were scared that day.

4.) That’s unique

Looks like this lady started her eyebrows just a TINY bit too far back…She now constantly looks alarmed. It’s really not worked out well for her.

5.) Are those…tattoos?!

No, surely not. SURELY if you were going to have your eyebrows tattooed on, you would at least make sure that they looked GOOD. This poor woman has to live with those monstrosities for LIFE.

6.) That’s intense

These eyebrows are a little too hardcore for my liking. It looks like she grabbed a sharpie and coloured in an area until it vaguely resembled eyebrows, creative.

7.) Now that’s a LOOK

Instead of drawing on your eyebrows or filling them in, why not try just drawing a box around them instead? Pair it with eyeliner but NO mascara and some INCREDIBLY white lips and BAM! You look like the next style icon.

8.) Please don’t hurt me

This woman looks like she might attack you if you look at her eyebrows funny. It disturbs me how they are THIS close to touching in the middle but they aren’t quite, either keep them apart or let them touch, THERE’S NO MIDDLE GROUND.

9.) Those appear to be furry animals

Someone set those poor animals free that have been forced to pose on this woman’s head as eyebrows. Animal cruelty at its worst.

10.) Yikes

I would look that pissed off too if those were my eyebrows. It’s like she started them and then was like, ‘to be continued…’ I think everyone is a little concerned here.

11.) When your eyebrows match your lips

This woman is all about coordination. She has made sure that her eyebrows exactly make her lip liner and it’s a LOOK. Has someone told her that she needs to fill in her lips too?

12.) There’s a whole gaggle of them!

This group of ladies should be friends, they have a lot in common. The floral-themed one really is the most adventurous of the bunch, I wonder what she was thinking when she decided to commit to that look?

13.) Help! My eyebrows are escaping!

This woman’s eyebrows are slowly slipped off her face and it’s very sad to see. Someone help her out and stop the eyebrows from escaping! #SaveTheEscapingBrows2018

14.) No, I’m not surprised, that’s just my eyebrows

This woman appears to be in a permanent surprised state thanks to her eyebrows. Its really not a good look and we hope she changes them, it actually looks a little painful.

15.) A trio of bad decisions

The first and third eyebrows seem to be similar and both just as uneven as one another. However, the second one is ALL KINDS OF WRONG. I can only assume she was joking when she did her face like that. I really hope so anyway.

So, there you have it, the very worst eyebrows the world has to offer. Say a little prayer of thanks to your eyebrows and be grateful that you still have some. However, I must say, I’ve been inspired to stand out from the crowd today, a trip to the eyebrow salon it is! (Is that a thing? I’m not a beauty guru…)

All images used in this article are sourced from sadanduseless.com.