15 People Share Their Stories Of Meeting A Celebrity

15 People Share Their Stories Of Meeting A Celebrity

15 People Share Their Stories Of Meeting A Celebrity

1. Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort)

watchthatcorkscrew had a cab driver who had just met Fiennes. He told him that he noticed the picture of his son on the dashboard, and the driver told him how much he loved Harry Potter. So Fiennes, being an absolute angel, offers to call him and as soon as his son picks up goes into full character with”So I hear you think you’re a strong enough wizard to defeat me??” For the next few minutes the cab is filled with tough talk, shouting of ‘expelliarmus!’ ‘you’ll never defeat me!’ and then “a very convincing death gargle”.  Before he leaves, Ralph signs a bit of paper which read ‘To George, The greatest wizard I have ever duelled’ and leaves a very generous tip.


2. James Franco

Franco was once speaking at ssavitsky‘s University, and he and his friend were waiting around in the hopes of getting a picture with him – she even got a hug, and ssavitsky just looked at Franco and said “Dude, don’t I get a hug, too?” Franco simply responded, “Come here, man.”

3. Patrick Stewart and Halle Berry

shun-16 was working in their local grocery store while X-Men was being filmed in their city – Stewart and Berry walk down one of the isles with two big security guards who move to protect Berry. Completely ignoring her, shun-16 says to Patrick Stewart “you’re way better than Kirk.” He got a smile and a nod in response while one of the security guards cracked up a little like “he doesn’t even care it’s Halle Berry.”

4. Barack Obama

Obama and David Cameron visited itrhymeswithreally‘s University, and Obama was offering the students around him hotdogs. Now, although this person was very much out of the hotdog-offering range, who wouldn’t want a hotdog from Obama? So they reached over and said “I’ll have a hot dog!” – after a weird look and some time later, the former president looks back at them and asks “Did you get your hot dog?”, to which they respond with, and I quote, “MYEAAAH THANK YOU!”

5. Gerard Butler

catangel001 once saw Gerard Butler on a Subway in Orem, UT and, as you would, pretended like it wasn’t actually him. “You look like Gerard Butler, he’s one of my favorite actors.” He answered, “I get that a lot,” and winked. Then he went on to ask, “Well, are you a true fan of his?” And they say, “Of course!”

After proving they knew what he used to do before acting (he was a lawyer), they ended up spending the next twenty minutes discussing law, politics, and why someone would give up a successful career in law. They ended up shaking hands before parting ways.

6. Mel Gibson

liberterrorism‘s uncle was once one of Gibson’s assistants, and in a conversation about buying a jet he asked “Don’t you want to at least see it before you buy it?” Mel responded “What am I gonna do? Walk around and kick the tires?”

7. Lil’ Jon

MischiefMayhemSoap, their brother and their aunt once spotted Jon at JFK – it was his aunt who approached him and plainly asked “Are you little John?’. He apparently responded calmly “yes ma’am, I am”, which totally shook their perception of him.

8. Dennis Rodman

ZugTheMegasaurus’ dad and his girlfriend were in Vegas when this guy in a crazy outfit walks in and the paparazzi  keep snapping pictures. The dad thought this was pretty rude, so pulled out his phone to take pictures of the paparazzi. They start yelling at him, demanding to know what he thinks he’s doing and he just tells them that if they can take photos of someone who doesn’t want it, then he can take photos of them.

After a couple minutes, a bodyguard from the guy’s table approaches their dad and his girlfriend.He figures that they’re too close and starts saying, “Sorry, we’ll move down a bit,” but the bodyguard interrupts him and says, “No sir, Mr. Rodman would like to know if you would join his table.” They walk over and to their surprise, it’s Dennis Rodman.


He thanked him for what he did and bought them a couple drinks and they sat and talked for a while; apparently he kept saying the dad was a funny guy

Eventually their dad went back to the bar and leave him alone for a bit, and after another few minutes, the bartender brings over a bottle of champagne and opens it for them. Being a wine lover, he recognizes it as a bottle worth several hundred dollars and stops the bartender in a panic, assuming he’d misheard their order. The bartender said it was taken care of, at which point Dennis Rodman taps him on the shoulder, says, “Enjoy it,” and walks out.

9. Ken Jeong

sjraj‘s first instinct was to say “You can suck my chinese nuts” – after talking normally for a while after, they start to realise maybe he isn’t as weird as he is in The Hangover… But of course, before leaving, Jeong shouts “TOODALOOO!”

10. Alan Rickman

jd1z saw Rickman as he was going into a theater. They blurted out, “I think you’re awesome!” Alan stopped, turned around, looked them right in the eye and said: “Likewise”, with a smile.

11. Bill Clinton

After meeting Clinton at a book signing, the one question anonymous decided to ask was whether he likes squids. Clinton said “Well to watch or to eat”? “To watch,” they responded. Bill was about to sign the next guy’s book and he pauses, cocks his head in their direction and says, “Yes I do”.

12. Nicolas Cage

robotrock1382 watched Cage fall to his knees, doing “this weird dance thing”, like the picture of Hendrix when he lit the guitar on fire, for a very short amount of time before he hops up, goes ” Woooohooo” and saunters out the bar.

13. Morgan Freeman

gwarster once saw Freeman approach a little girl who had just caught a small fish from the dock they were at, and says to her “Wow! Looks like I’ll be having dinner on your boat tonight!” Apparently the little girl just lit up like a Christmas tree – how cute!

14. Bruce Campbell

Accidental_Feltcher and their buddy were outside a bar when they see Campbell walk past, (wearing ray ban sunglasses at 1am), and sheepishly ask “Excuse me, are you Bruce Campbell?”. Bruce stops, tips his sunglasses, and responds with “Well, someone’s gotta be”.

15. Steven Tyler


Joannaleigh was at a Chinese place with her mom when she was younger, when Steven Tyler walks in, says she’s “so cute”, and gives her his bandanna. That’s one heck of a story.