15 People Who Think They Met A Celebrity

15 People Who Think They Met A Celebrity

15 People Who Think They Met A Celebrity

Everyone has at least a small list of celebrities they’d like to meet. Whether it’s Tina Fey, Chris Pratt, or Jennifer Lawrence. Most of us would gladly have our photo taken with a celebrity. I know I would!

Bumping into celebrities can be an exciting thing. It often involved sweaty palms and awkward ‘can I have a photo with you?’ As much as we’d love to be able to play it cool, meeting a celebrity is quite nerve wracking. There’s no way anyone can successfully¬†play it cool with a celebrity. It’s practically impossible.


However, these people managed to make the biggest mistake. Instead of double-checking that the person is actually a certain celebrity, they’ve just assumed and had a photo taken with a complete stranger who looks vaguely like a celebrity. Talk about awkward!

Bruno Mars


Aww, don’t you just love it when celebrities at a moment out of their busy life to meet adoring fans?

Peter Dinklage


She looks so pleased with herself. I daren’t tell her that it isn’t him…


Hulk Hogan


I wonder if he can still wrestle like he use to back in the day…

Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran? I thought that was Ron Weasley.



Hot Line Bling? More like Cold Line Bling.