15+ Rare Behind-The-Scenes Shots From Your Favourite Movies

15+ Rare Behind-The-Scenes Shots From Your Favourite Movies

15+ Rare Behind-The-Scenes Shots From Your Favourite Movies

Films are created by a huge crew of extremely talented people. There are a whole plethora of funny, interesting and exciting things that happen from behind the screens that we rarely get to see.

We are here to lift the veil of secrecy and give you an insight into how films are made and some of the AMAZING moments that are captured behind-the-scenes. You will never look at your favourite movie in the same way again!

1.) Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis – Some Like It Hot

© Some Like It Hot / MGM © Capital Pictures / EAST NEWS

What makes this behind-the-scenes photo so special is that it’s not in black and white, even though the film was! The entire film was originally intended to be colour but Tony Curtis’ and Jack Lemmon’s makeup looked far too unnatural in colour.

2.) Kim Hunter as a chimpanzee from Planet of the Apes

© Planet of the Apes / Fox Movies © Capital Pictures / East News

I absolutely love how casual she looks in this photo. Just chilling on her lunch break as a HIGHLY REALISTIC chimpanzee. This photo is just awesome and really gives us an insight into the actor’s real-life characters.

3.) Hanging out on the Titanic

© Titanic/ Paramount Pictures

Here we see the beautiful Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio just chilling on the set of the Titanic. This photo holds such high levels of ICONIC it should be dangerous.

4.) Who you gonna call?

© Ghostbusters / Sony Pictures © Capital Pictures / East News

Ghostbusters! Of course. I LOVE this behind-the-scenes photo, shows how the characters in the film are similar to the actors themselves. Just brilliant!

5.) Arnold Schwarzenegger can’t keep his eyes off his colleague during the Total Recall shooting

© Total Recall / Carolco Pictures © Capital Pictures / East News

Arnold has totally been caught looking here! I just can’t keep my eyes off his sandwich, it looks delicious…

6.) The look of love during Kill Bill: Vol. 1 shoot

© Kill Bill: Vol. 1 / Miramax Films © Capital Pictures / East News

Everyone deserves to find someone that looks at them the way Quentin Tarantino looks at Uma Thurman covered in blood. How romantic.

7.) Behind the scenes of Maleficent

© Maleficent / Walt Disney Pictures © Everett Collection / East News

Angelina Jolie looks absolutely MAJESTIC in this movie. Makeup and costumes smashed her outfit and honestly, I’m very jealous.

8.) Chatting on set during filming of The Crimes of Grindelwald

© Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald / Warner Bros. © Capital Pictures / East News

Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law seem to be having a great time chatting on set. This warms my heart and makes watching it even more awesome!

9.) The Shining twins…

© The Shining / Warner Bros. © Capital Pictures / East News

They don’t look quite so scary behind the scenes, they still have the creepy, vacant stare about them though…

10.) Annabelle: Creation is creepy no matter what

© Annabelle: Creation / Warner Bros. © Justin Lubin / Capital Pictures / East News

Even behind-the-scenes with the cameraman in the shot, Annabelle is still the creepiest doll you will EVER see in your entire life.

11.) Rehearsing for La La Land

© La La Land / TIK Films © Capital Pictures / East News

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are pictured here rehearsing a dance on set for La La Land. They look like they are having so much fun and it really shows in the film!

12.) Sandra Bullock filming for Gravity

© Gravity / Warner Bros. © Capital Pictures / East News

It’s so awesome to see how amazing movies like Gravity are actually filmed when not in a huge lake, just falling onto Earth from space.

13.) The green screen can also be BLUE

© Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 / Marvel / Walt Disney Studios © Capital Pictures / East News

On the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Looks pretty chill, everyone’s having a laugh. And who knew that green screens could be blue? I’m astounded.

14.) An alien from Men in Black

© Men in Black / Sony Pictures © Capital Pictures / East News

So, this is what an alien from Men in Black really looks like and it’s pretty awesome.

15.) Fighting on the set of Justice League

JUSTICE LEAGUE, l-r: Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, director Zack Snyder on set, 2017. ph: Clay Enos/? Warner Bros. Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection

Gal Gadot had a go at ‘fighting’ the director on the set of Justice League. I wonder what he said to cause this reaction?!

16.) Steve Carell doing the voiceover for Gru

© Despicable Me / Illumination Entertainment © Capital Pictures / East News

This is literally behind the scenes…look how passionate he looks! It’s awesome to see.

I hope you found these behind the scenes photos as magical as I did and you will definitely look at movies in a different way now. The actors and actresses have a blast behind-the-scenes on set, which they deserve after working so far!