15 Things You May Not Have Realised About Neighbours

15 Things You May Not Have Realised About Neighbours

15 Things You May Not Have Realised About Neighbours

1. The Show Was Cancelled After 8 Months

Neighbours ran for 8 months on Australia’s Channel 7 before it was cancelled. Luckily for us it was resurrected by Channel 10 who are the channel that have screened the soap ever since.

2. There’s Only One Surviving Character From The Very First Episode

Paul Robinson, played by Stefan Dennis, is the only remaining cast member to have appeared in the very first episode. He did actually leave the show in 1993 but returned again in 2004.

3. Paul Has Also Been Married The Most Times

Paul Robinson has been married 5 times, to (can you name them?): Terri Inglis, Gail Lewis, Christina Alessi, Lyn Scully and Rebecca Napier.

4. Only One Actress Has Reached 5000 Episodes

Jackie Woodburne, who plays Susan Kennedy, has filmed more episodes than any other actress on the show, having recently passed 5000.

5. Some Of The Actors Went To School Together

Tom Oliver (Lou Carpenter), Anne Charleston (Madge Bishop) and Ian Smith (Harold Bishop) all went to school together.

6. Karl And Susan Were Once Brother And Sister

Husband and wife Karl and Susan Kennedy, played by Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodbourne, once played a brother and sister in the 1980s police drama ‘Cop Shop’.

7. Karl And Susan Also Have An Oscar Winning Fan

Eddie Redmayne, who one an Oscar for his performance in ‘The Theory of Everything’, has revealed that he’s a massive fan of Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodbourne, saying “Watch, and you’ll find that everything they do is on another level of genius. I really do think so. They are the greatest unsung acting duo in history… I’ve met quite a few extraordinary actors, but either Susan or Karl? Well, I don’t think I’d be able to talk.”

8. On Average, One Person Dies Every Year

During the 32 years the show has been running there have been 15 births, 34 deaths and 41 marriages.

9. There Have Been A Number Of Celebrity Cameos

Michael Parkinson, Lily Allen, Neil Morrissey, David Walliams, Matt Lucas, Emma Bunton, Paula Abdul and Dave Bautista have all filmed cameos in the soap.

10. Approximately A Third Of The UK Watched One Particular Episode

Scott and Charlene’s wedding, broadcast in November 1988, was watched by an unbelievable 19.6 million people in the UK.

11. A Number Of Big Stars Began Their Careers On Ramsay Street

Russell Crowe and Liam and Chris Hemsworth all had small parts in the show before hitting the big time.

12. Erinsborough Is An Anagram Of…

Have you ever noticed that Erinsborough, the fictional suburb in which Ramsay Street is located, is an anagram of ‘Or Neighbours’?

13. The Neighbours Live In A Real Street

The street where the neighbours live is a real street called Pin Oak Court in Melbourne, which has regular people living on it.

14. Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Kylie Minogue is now older than Anne Charleston was when she played her mother, Madge.

15. It Would Take Some Serious Binge Watching To Catch Up

If you were to watch every single one of the (more than 7000) Neighbours episodes continuously, it would take you approximately 147 days.