16 Of The Best 80’s Shops That Should Never Have Disappeared

16 Of The Best 80’s Shops That Should Never Have Disappeared


Growing up in 80’s and 90’s Britain, the high street was a very different place. We still had some of the shops you can find on the high street today like Next and M&S but others have since gone bust and closed their doors for good.


The sad truth is that some of the shops we loved as kids simply could’t keep up with modern retail and got left behind. Sometimes it was too late before they realised and by that time, all there was to do was pull down the shutters and close the business.

In this post we’re about to relive some nostalgic (and perhaps slightly painful) memories of our old favourite shops. Life just isn’t the same without them, and we just wish they’d never had to leave.

1. Woolworths

Might as well start with the big one. The loss of Woolworths was one of the biggest store related tragedies of our lives. From pick ‘n’ mix to clothes to lightbulbs, you could get all sorts of unrelated items under one roof. The chances of going in and forgetting what you actually went in to buy were very high – and it was, as they said, “well worth it.”

2. Sock Shop

Where else could you go when you specifically wanted socks and nothing else? The simplicity of it was a thing of beauty – and there are shoe shops, so why not?

I suppose the reason for the demise of the sock shop is that they are just so readily available everywhere else and are so damn cheap. RIP Sock Shop.


3. Athena

It was full to the brim with all the decorations and accessories you could possibly desire. As a kid I can remember buzzing about going to Athena at the weekend with my pals to get the latest poster for our walls. Then as we advanced into secondary school we were more classy and went for a framed picture. And for the really sophisticated among us we may even opt for a Salivdor Dali print.

4. Gadget Shop

If it was so wacky you’d never even thought about it, you could be rest assured it existed in this shop. But strangely, as with all gadget type shops, no one ever actually ended up actually buying anything from here.

It is not really surprising the Gadget Shop has gone now the internet can offer anything they were selling for a fraction of the cost, delivered directly to your door. I do look back on the shop fondly though as I remember going in with my mates to see what weird and wonderful gadgets are on the market now.


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