16 Of The Greatest Halloween Costumes Ever Created

16 Of The Greatest Halloween Costumes Ever Created

16 Of The Greatest Halloween Costumes Ever Created

Back when we were growing up, Halloween was fairly simple. You dressed as a monster, ghost or witch, you carved a pumpkin, and you knocked on some local doors in an effort to obtain some free sweets.

These days however anything goes, as you can dress up as anything from Donald Trump to Donald Duck, decorate the outside of your house with all manner of crazy ghoulish designs, and it seems like your whole town is out after school celebrating and going from door to door.

In amongst this new wave of imaginative Halloween costumes have been some truly stunning efforts, and we’ve selected 16 of these for your viewing pleasure below. Which is your favourite on the list? What are you (or your children) dressing up as this Halloween? Or do you prefer to lock your door, close your curtains and keep the ghouls and ghosts outside?

1) Who you gonna call when you need a really good idea for a Halloween costume? Why this guy of course!

2) An absolutely stunning effort from these gentlemen, bringing our favourite toy soldiers to life in a better way than even Pixar managed in Toy Story

3) You just know that dad was working on this for a long time, and you also know how pleased he was with himself when he finally revealed it to everyone…

4) Some people really are extremely clever with the special effects makeup, and this is one of the best examples that you’ll ever see

5) Very clever indeed, especially if she zipped her head up in the bag to confuse people

6) Here’s Johnny with his latest Halloween costume, and doesn’t he look great

7) And whilst we’re on the subject of The Shining, this is a look that you just have to go for if you have a twin sister (or a friend who looks just like you)

8) Completely gruesome and completely brilliant

9) A great idea, but surely the fake person holding the box also needs a fake head?

10) We’re trying to work out if this is a pop culture reference or just ‘a dinosaur capturing a man’, but either way it’s very good

11) Some stunning makeup work here

12) Just…. No

13) Very cute and with the added bonus of a chocolate bar to eat when they get bored

14) A terrible quality photo but we just had to include this very inventive effort

15) The best thing about this isn’t even the very good alien chest-burster costume, it’s the expression on the baby’s face!

16) Absolute genius, even if you do have to have seen the film to understand it