16 Photos That Show How Mother Nature Just Won't Be Messed With

16 Photos That Show How Mother Nature Just Won’t Be Messed With

16 Photos That Show How Mother Nature Just Won’t Be Messed With

Humanity might try to change nature, but nature has proven in these pics that it always has something up its sleeve. Breathtaking but somehow strangely unnerving, let’s take a look at some of the most shocking photos on Reddit that go to show how Mother Nature always has the final say.

1. When nature bites back

Chomp! This tree was transformed into a funny looking googly guy after folks noticed that it looked like it was taking a bite out of these railings.

2. Tug of war or mutual love?

Reddit user JTcolt40 stumbled upon two trees locked in a peculiar act of absorption involving this bench. Sort of Lady and the Tramp-esque.

3. Think your morning commute is bad? Check this out…

At first glance, you’d assume that this subway station in China had been abandoned. However, it’s still fully functional and accessible, with the construction work completed on it in 2015.

4. This tree is making sure this car is stopped in its tracks – permanently

We wanted a flying car, but the persistence of nature is just as magical. Alternatively, this could be a Harry Potter scene gone wrong.

5. The tree that needs to wash its mouth out

Discovered in Michigan, this tree should probably consider at least a mouth rinse after appearing to chow down on a sign reading “Hazardous Substances”. Surely that can’t be tasty, but nature just don’t care.

6. That feeling when the thirst is too real

The sign might tell us that the water isn’t safe to drink, but this tree had other ideas when it began to consume the pipe and even the sign.

7. Not even bikes can escape nature

Honestly, we’re not even sure how this came about. We have a lot of questions. Our best guess is that the bike was on the ground and this apparently innovative tree decided to make it a part of itself.

8. Mother nature just can’t stop with the bikes

It’s not just trees who do this, either. This green ivy just couldn’t bear to part with this two-wheeler on the streets of Utrecht, Netherlands. It was clearly feeling the pressure from the bicycle shop nearby.

9. No really, we mean any type of bike…

If an object is going to be “sucked” into a tree, then it usually shows that whatever it is has been unmoved for a pretty decent amount of time. Yet this motorbike doesn’t even look that old, which is, er, slightly terrifying.

10. When nature loves itself

These two trees look to be giving each other a big old smooch. Either that, or they’re about to combine their efforts and become a mega tree. Watch this space.

11. School’s out forever

St. Margaret Mary school in Detroit, Michigan has been abandoned, leaving the ivy and flora to rebel against authority all they like.

12. Soil? Never heard of her

While these concrete conditions look near impossible for any plant to thrive, this tree is doing what it does best anyway, creating an eerily beautiful pattern as it does. Check out the roots on that!

13. This is what happens when you show nature a STOP sign

Pretty soon, this sign will have just become a strange hexagonal tree limb. Nice try, humanity.

14. Talk about an all natural room


Nature took the phrase “all natural” to the next level and really went all out on Hotel Del Salto in Columbia. While the building had been abandoned due to its tragic history, restorations have made it what it is today: the Tenquendama Falls Museum of Biodiversity and Culture.

15. When nature disapproves of a rule…

This particular tree took a dislike to the “no swimming” sign that had been mounted on it, so began the long and dedicated process of fixing it as it saw fit.

16. …And how it paid off

Some years later, the job is complete. It even gained itself a pair of eyes in the process. Not too shabby.

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