17 Cafes And Restaurants That Are Setting The Standard Everyone Else Should Follow

17 Cafes And Restaurants That Are Setting The Standard Everyone Else Should Follow

17 Cafes And Restaurants That Are Setting The Standard Everyone Else Should Follow

Sometimes there will be an idea so brilliant and innovative that it just paves the way forward. These cafes and restaurants are complete goals and I hope that other places follow suit in the future!

I would happily live at these places, they are just so clever, you’ll wonder why other places have never thought of these ideas before!

1.) Your own personal basil plant

u/LORD-POTAT0 / Via reddit.com

Each table at this restaurant has its own personal basil plant so that you can add fresh basil to your food. You can never have too much basil so this is such an awesome and authentic idea! It really gives it a personal touch.

2.) Menu that tells you which dishes are “Instagrammable”

u/nighhtvid / Via reddit.com

This is super handy for all of you that are obsessed with Instagram foodie pictures. This is definitely perfect for the future so other restaurants and cafes better start taking notes.

3.) Tea timer hourglasses

u/drslow4 / Via reddit.com

This café has a tea timer that has three hourglasses to correspond to different strengths. This is so important as who really knows how long tea takes to brew? Most of us just guess, this solves all those problems.

4.) Another hourglass to let people know when their food will arrive

u/Rickypediaa / Via reddit.com

This is probably the most important hourglass to ever exist. Let’s be honest, we all get very impatient when waiting for our food to arrive, especially when we have absolutely no idea when it’s coming. This is why a timer like this is a lifesaver. Every restaurant needs this, it builds up the excitement even more!

5.) Discreetly let staff know that the bathroom needs attention

u/IHeartFraccing / Via reddit.com

It’s awkward to talk to staff about the bathroom needing attention. This card thankfully saves the day! Honestly, why has no one ever thought of this idea yet?!

6.) Cups and saucers made from recycled coffee?!

u/buttmogul / Via reddit.com

The cups and saucers at this coffee shop are made from recycled coffee, this is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life. We need to recycle more and create cool things like this!

7.) Free coffee if you borrow and return an umbrella

u/noomehtrevo / Via reddit.com

This coffee shop is not only kind enough to let you borrow an umbrella but if you return it they will give you a free coffee! This café just keeps on giving…

8.) The menu shows you what the different pizzas look like

u/polynilium / Via reddit.com

Sometimes you really want to see what your food will look like before you order, after all, you eat with your eyes too! So, this pizza restaurant decided to print a picture of each pizza on every page of the menu.

9.) This menu has a built-in flashlight

u/unthused / Via reddit.com

This looks like an incredibly fancy restaurant if you ask me…the menu has a built-in flashlight so you don’t have to use your phone or candle to see the menu, ruining the ambience of the restaurant.

10.) These restaurant tables have a buzzer

u/currywurst666 / Via reddit.com

The tables at this restaurant have a buzzer linked to the waiter’s smart watch! This is so clever because there have been so many times when you’re waiting a long time for the bill, a buzzer like this solves all of these problems.

11.) This coffee shop encourages patrons to treat strangers

u/Phasyo / Via reddit.com

Patrons can treat strangers who might be short on cash or having a bad day to something on the menu. They can just pick up a post-it note and they will get it for free as someone has already paid! Such a nice way to spread kindness.

12.) Eco-friendly replacement for plastic or wooden stirrers

u/crobb1011 / Via reddit.com

Using fettuccine instead of wooden or plastic stirrers may sound crazy but it’s also a fantastic idea to save the environment. This is definitely the way forward!

13.) “Boomerang mugs” to reduce waste

u/Lu0p / Via reddit.com

This coffee shop offers boomerang mugs that customers can borrow and return which hugely reduces coffee cup waste. More cafes and restaurants need to start being more environmentally friendly like this!

14.) Ramen restaurant offers hair ties

u/MuraloDaMasterMemer / Via reddit.com

It is actually quite a problem when eating ramen with long hair. This restaurant knows about these struggles and so offers hair ties to tie your hair up and fully immerse yourself in the Ramen experience!

15.) Spoons that have a notch to stop them sliding down into the bowl

u/ileaves2live / Via reddit.com

Ramen restaurants know how to innovate! It’s super annoying when your spoon slides into your bowl, this ramen restaurant has a notch in the spoons to stop this from happening.

16.) Short story dispenser

imgur.com / Via imgur.com

This coffee shop has had the coolest idea EVER! A short story dispenser with different reading length options, perfect for when enjoying your coffee.

17.) Sushi 101

u/noah_ichiban / Via reddit.com

The menu at this Japanese restaurant breaks down every single sushi roll so that you know exactly what you are ordering. This is perfect for people like me who are clueless about anything slightly different.

Every café and restaurant in the world better start taking notes. These places are forward-thinking and now exactly how to live in the future. I hope this is what the year 3000 looks like!