17 Crazy Ways People Have Actually Quit Their Jobs

17 Crazy Ways People Have Actually Quit Their Jobs

17 Crazy Ways People Have Actually Quit Their Jobs

We’ve all thought it when the alarm rudely awakens us on a Monday morning, “how much do I really need this job?” Unless your work is doing something you love, the rest of us put up with work we aren’t passionate about and annoying colleagues. Those Monday mornings sure are painful…

A lot of the time we fantasise about quitting but family, bills and being an adult in general drive us to stay and earn more cold hard cash. However, there are some brave people among us who have simply had enough, they REFUSE to put up with it anymore and quit in a very dramatic fashion. These people are heroes and should be treated as such, here are the craziest “I quit” moments ever…

1.) A very public way to quit

This guy and his boss clearly didn’t get on too well. I mean, I know that I could never do a job like this but that’s only because I would want to mess with the sign and write something rude because I’m an adult, apparently…I wonder if seeing this sign was actually how his boss found out, it must have been a shock!

2.) Simple but effective

We all hate writing resignation letters, thinking of what to say, talking about how much we love our colleagues and the opportunity, you know, lies, lies and more lies! Basically, you are quitting, that’s it. This person definitely has the right idea, straight to the point.

3.) Subtle…

If you are dreading handing your resignation into your boss, why not just stick it to your chair instead? An easy way to slip away quietly without anybody noticing…hopefully you won’t need a glowing reference though because you ain’t getting one!

4.) A creative resignation

This is a pretty unique way to quit somewhere. Although, imagine if you worked there and didn’t know he quit, a lot of people would probably get very upset…

5.) That would be grrreaaaat

I really hope this guy’s boss has seen Office Space and has a decent sense of humour or he might not take too kindly to this letter of resignation! That would be incredibly awkward otherwise.

6.) Just what you need first thing on a Monday

I mean, if you are driving to work this would suck but at the same time it might at least make you feel a bit more grateful to have your job! This guy does NOT care and I think that’s fair enough…

7.) A little bit of self-promotion

This is actually quite heart-warming. He is quitting to spend more time with his family AND pursue his cake business dream! I mean, his piping is incredibly precise, he wrote an entire essay on a cake. There’s no harm in slipping a cheeky bit of self-promotion when you resign, connections and all that.

8.) A bit morbid

What better way to hand in your resignation than with a condolences card? Yes, it’s pretty dark but it gets the job done! This is how people should quit moving forward.

9.) Going down the toilet

I’m very impressed that whoever wrote this managed to do it without ripping the toilet paper. I really admire the confidence of this one too, I hope they get the job of their dreams soon after this!

10.) Nice drawing…oh

This is a bit harsh, their manager will enjoy a nice picture of a dinosaur before reading on and seeing that they are losing a member of staff. It’s a pretty impressive dinosaur drawing though, hopefully that will serve as a distraction.

11.) Making technology do the dirty work

If I’m honest, I would have just immediately clicked ignore as I would just assume it’s another annoying pop-up, however, the swear words might have caught my eye. At least they have the option to renegotiate although I doubt this worked out…

12.) Subtlety is the way forward

Wow, this person really must hate their job. I mean, when I quit, the first thing I want to do it print it out and stick it on products too…not really.

13.) This boss deserved it

Oh dear, this manager sounds like a great guy…not. If he actually said “cancer is not an excuse” that is awful and he needs to rethink his life. I’m glad the staff quit to teach him a lesson!

14.) Getting attacked at work shouldn’t be the norm

I think this boss needs to understand that people don’t tend to enjoy working alongside drunks who physically attack them. I’m glad he took matters into his own hands and quit!

15.) I love how petty this is

Quitting a job you hate? Make sure you do something incredibly evil right before you leave! Like this person turning every cereal box upside down so his boss will have to painfully fix them all, one by one. Evil genius!

16.) Nice…

This is funny and effective but I’m not sure the kitchen staff will be best pleased! It looks like it’s burnt on, that definitely will stay there forevermore. Their legacy lives on…

17.) Everyone left

Now, for the most dramatic of them all, the entire management and crew left this Chipotle store due to the terrible working conditions, good on them! No one deserves to be treated that way.

There you have it, do you feel inspired to dramatically quit your job now? You probably shouldn’t, references from past employers are important folks! Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments!