17 Funny Examples Of People Losing Their Head Over The Snow

17 Funny Examples Of People Losing Their Head Over The Snow

17 Funny Examples Of People Losing Their Head Over The Snow

It seems the “Beast From The East” has driven British society into melt down. As usual, the snow has put the whole nation to a standstill. The “apocalyptic” weather has forced many people to scramble to their local shops in pure desperation, as they stock up on enough bread and milk to last a few years.

I was astonished to find an actual programme on Channel 5 the other night, dedicated only to the storm, which involved going round asking how people are coping. Unlike the sub-zero conditions, my blood was boiled.

Here’s a more entertaining look at how the nation has coped the last seven days.

1)Rightly, other nations more prone to the white stuff, on a more severe basis, seem to be mocking us. So they should. 

2) Kudos to Ben the Scotsman here, for managing to take a shot at the Government and doing his part by politicising the weather. 

3) A slightly sobering, but an absolutely true perspective from Milkshakespeare here. It seems that snow trumps terrorism when it comes to grinding a nation to a standstill. 

4) Again, yet another accurate statement. 

“We shal fight them on the beaches, we shall figh them on the landing grounds, we shall fight them in the fields, and the streets. But in icy conditions we almost certainly will not engage in combat”

The crazed hysteria of snatching what bread and milk you can is also dead on point.

5) Yet another nation pointing and laughing. This time our Scandinavian brothers, who have every right to mock. I thought we were meant to be descendants of the Vikings for Christ sake?

6) Not a truer word spoken. Our forefathers would be ashamed of this current crop of soft, dramatic people our nation currently hold host too. 

7) An accurate animated depiction of life in Britain currently. I bet small local shops are positively rubbing their gloves together at the hike in business thanks to panic buys.

8) A rather good representation of the media currently in the UK. If I hear “The Beast From The East” one more time on the evening news I’m heading to the studio myself and will violently protest. There will be an angry mob present. 

9) Continuing with panic buying groceries, this entry highlights Britain’s affiliation with tinned food. 

10) Another shot from some wildly freezing nation. I’m intrigued as to where in the world is currently -25 degrees.

11) The height of the hysteria. A completely mad situation to comprehend, but that’s correct, a place that operates with snow, closed, because of the snow. 

12) Although ultimately true, you’re sort of contributing to the hysteria here Becca, somewhat ironically. 

13) Finland here showing us how it really should be done. I can’t tell if this is Photoshopped or not, but deep within my soul I hope this is not the case. I have no idea what he is doing, but he looks comfortable. That’s the main thing. 

14) “There’s a whole 5 inches of snow on my doorstep” – Erm, well that’s jolly well awkward. This one is for everyone who’s taken one of them stupid pictures of tape measures in the snow, seems to be a direct retort to those people. 

15) This is a fantastic reflection of the role the media plays in driving you all absolutely mental. Tuning into the 10 o’clock news really is like watching a rerun of The Day After Tomorrow. 

16) There’s always that one football fan who will turn up in treacherous conditions, with no t-shirt on, displaying a rather pot belly. Apparently there’s always that one person who will sport some ski’s when there is the slightest snowfall as well. 

17) This provoked a chuckle, encapsulating the contradiction that is British culture, with it’s profound love of tea.