17 Kid's Honest Scribbles That Totally & Hilariously BUSTED Their Parents

17 Kid’s Honest Scribbles That Totally & Hilariously BUSTED Their Parents

17 Kid’s Honest Scribbles That Totally & Hilariously BUSTED Their Parents

I always say that you should never underestimate children, you should treat and speak to them all on an equal level, just like little adults…because they ARE little adults!

Only they’re better than regular adults because they’ve no inhibitions, their judgemental tendencies are nowhere to be found and more importantly, they’re always innocent…innocent AND honest.

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Kids don’t believe in lies…and they believe that you should always tell the truth, no matter what, heck, their pure minds don’t even have to think about it most of the time, if they think it, they say it.

So much so, sometimes, they don’t even know they’re doing it. Sometimes, they’re telling the most HONEST & BRUTAL truth without even realising it themselves… in the most subtle way a kid can, through their drawings!

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We bring you 17 examples of a child’s innocent doodles, that ended up hilariously exposing their parent’s dark secrets…

Brace yourself…and enjoy!

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1. “My friend’s 6-year-old daughter drew this at school!”

Now, I don’t know what’s worse about this, the fact that the ‘before’ picture is so dull and brutal (she looks like some kind of deformed carrot/humanoid type creature) or the fact that the ‘after’ pic makes her Mom look like a hooker! You couldn’t get any more honest than that!

2. Everyone is happy!

The ‘ice cream, yum!’ caption made me howl for some reason, this poor kid, he’s (thankfully) totally oblivious! I’m also loving the extra detail on Dad’s “friend’s” breasts! O.M.GEE!

3. #justsayin

This kid already knows how to nail the whole passive-aggressive thing, looks like they’re more than halfway to becoming a full-blown adult, full of resentment and pettiness…bless! Let’s hope their Mom took this “subtle” hint.

4. It’s not what you think…really!

Oh, my word! How CRINGE would you be, if this was your kid who’d scribbled this!? Although apparently, it really isn’t what it looks like, (sorry to spoil the fun) it’s something to do with the kid’s mom selling a shovel at a garage sale and people were offering up their money for that…not seductive dances. Phew!

5. “He even eats it with his nose!”

Oh dear, I actually think that this is kind of sad. So there you go, guys! If you’re going to do drugs, just make sure you’re not doing it in front of your kids! He may not have known what you were ‘eating with your nose’, but he still busted you! Good for you, kiddo! They’re always watching!

6. Yeah, it was a total mistake, honest!

Yeah right, we’re sure that was a TOTAL mistake! (AND if it WAS a mistake, then what’s with the fart cloud, eh? I think it’s just your honesty showing, kid!)

7. Facebook Addiction

This kid has obviously outed his Facebook addicted Mommy! But what I want to know is…how is Dad “allergick” to it? I didn’t know you could be allergic to it!? But it definitely why I come out in hives every time I read someone’s stupid status update!

8. A Farting Farce (a kid’s first drawing of Mommy!)

We’re certainly getting some gassy outing of parents here. Mind you, children are obsessed with those bodily noises, so to be fair, I’m not surprised that it’s the first thing they notice about someone. So be warned, flatulent parents, there’s no escape from being busted over your butt noises!

9. So, so proud!

Errrr, I don’t think proud is the right word here, kid! Maybe…horrified and slightly scared would be better ones. Talk about the brutal truth! Yikes!

10. ALLL the wine!

I find this SO funny and so sombre at the same time! The way the kid has kind of captured his Mom’s solitary wine guzzling sat alone at a table with a HUGE glass. Hilarious, but also, kinda sad.

11. “He has a problum”

Oh dear, this is another one that I feel I shouldn’t be laughing so hard at. Poor Dad, let’s hope he gets help for his ‘problum!’

12. “Punch her in the face!”

I think this kid is totally destined for a job writing awesome alternative, sentimental card messages! I’d buy them!

13. Well, people handle grief in different ways!

I’m sure this won’t be what we’re thinking, will it!? & If it is, it’ll only be the last stage of grief…surely? Yeah, that’ll be what it is… *ahem*

14. Evil Snake=Evil Mommy?

There’s so much going on here…like, what is the evil snake? and has it possessed mommy!? If so, is that why she ‘doesn’t like people!?’
I have to agree with evil mommy though, she’s definitely onto something…I don’t like people either!

15. “An Employee”

I love how this kid hasn’t even disclosed his Dad’s occupation! Is there a reason for that!? Is that why Daddy drinks!? We need answers here!

16. More Wine Lovin’ Mommies!

There’s been a lot of wine-loving Mom’s outed in these! How is it that kids always seem to pick up on what’s BAD for you, really easily!? Looks like Mommy needs to cut back…or least have her wine in secret!

17. Well, the kid ain’t wrong!

Okay, it may be an unorthodox way of putting it, maybe, but methane IS a gas!
I personally think that this one deserves a round of applause!

Did you enjoy this brutal, unintentionally snitching scribbles!?

Has your kid ever outed you on anything? Be brave and let us know!


(All Images Sourced From: Humanity World)