18 Essential Parenting Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

18 Essential Parenting Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

18 Essential Parenting Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

Parents come in all shapes and sizes, and with every family comes individual challenges. While being a parent might prove difficult sometimes, there are always top tips to help make your job just that little bit easier. Here are a few of the best ones!

1. Non slip slippers

Both slippers and socks can be customised to make them non slip – simply apply dots of glue to the bottom to prevent any nasty accidents on slippy surfaces.

2. Removing crayon from walls

Don’t despair if your kids decide to draw on the walls or the floor. You can use WD-40 on crayon marks and remove them by wiping the surface clean with a rag.

3. Keep apple snacks fresh

Source: Lifehack

Apples have a tendency to turn brown if they’re cut into slices and not eaten straight away. However, you can prevent this by sprinkling a pinch of salt on them, and washing it off with water once you’re ready to eat them. And yes, the taste of the salt will disappear!

4. Using bracelets for safety

Every parent worries about losing their child in a public, crowded place. The next time you go out, you can give them a customised bracelet with your phone number on it, so that they can more easily seek help if you are separated.

5. Straws minus the mess

If your kids like to pull out the straws from their drinks and make a mess, you can use upside down crazy straws so that they won’t be able to remove them.

6. Anti drip ice lollies

Keep sticky fingers at bay by placing a cupcake case on the bottom of the ice lolly stick, where any drips will be caught.

7. Safety tattoos

Source: Tottoos

Temporary, of course. But if you’re concerned about your kids losing their aforementioned safety bracelet, these personalised temporary tattoos also do the job nicely.

8. Loo roll guide

If your little ones are using too much toilet paper when they go, you can craft a simple marker to put on the wall to give them a better idea of how much they should be using.

9. The right amount of soap

You can wrap a rubber band around the pumps of soaps and lotions to stop kids from using too much and/or making a mess. It will also save you money on buying these products!

10. Preventing accidental lock-ins

A rubber band can also be used to stop kids from accidentally getting themselves locked in a room, as shown in the photo above.

11. Untangling a doll’s hair

If Barbie is looking like she’s seen better days, you can use a 2 tablespoons of water mixed with 2 tablespoons of fabric softener to de-tangle her hair. You could also use hair conditioner or washing up liquid in place of the softener.

12. Busting that shoe conundrum 

If your kids have a hard time figuring out which shoe belongs on which foot, cut a sticker in two and place either side in their shoes, as shown above. This will give them a little helping hand.

13. Permanent info for babysitters

Source: Pinterest

By creating a template like this and framing it, you can use a drywipe marker to fill in the details so that you won’t have to relay the same information to babysitters over and over. Your babysitter will be grateful for the point of reference, too!

14. Mess free fun

Source: Lifehack

Put some paint in zippy bags and tape them to the window to create a fun, mess free toy for your baby.

15. No more trapped fingers

Source: Pinterest

When used like this on a door, a pool noodle can prevent any little fingers from slamming in it.

16. A helping hand at the sink

If your kids can’t quite reach the tap, a spout can be made from an empty lotion bottle to bring the water that little bit closer.

17. Anti monster spray

Source: Flickr

If your kids are afraid of monsters and things that go bump in the night, a special spray can be used to keep the bad guys at bay! (And you don’t need to tell them it’s just water.)

18. Safety pool noodles

Source: Pinterest

Worried about your kid falling off of their bed in the middle of the night? Pool noodles can be secured under fitted sheets to make sure this doesn’t happen. Who knew pool noodles could be so useful?

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