18 Hilarious Typos That We Are Glad No One Noticed In Time

18 Hilarious Typos That We Are Glad No One Noticed In Time

18 Hilarious Typos That We Are Glad No One Noticed In Time

Sometimes the world is blessed with a typo so brilliant that we are all incredibly thankful no one caught before it was released into the world.

These are those exact moments where typos so hilarious made everyone’s day. I bet most people did actually spot these typos and could have said something before it was too late but didn’t because they are simply just too funny.

So, let us go on an adventure through the best typos ever and be grateful that it wasn’t us who made them!

1.) That got what experience?

Twitter: @NCSox

Oh dear, it looks like these students signed up for more than they wanted to experience…thankfully, this is just a terribly awkward typo and doesn’t mean what it actually says…

2.) The new Snickers flavour sounds great!


This shop made a very unfortunate mistake when naming peanut butter snickers on their system. Either way, it doesn’t sound quite as appetising the way they put it…

3.) That’s an odd nickname


Hmm, Home Run Hitler does sound catchy but I’m not too sure why that would be someone’s nickname, who would want to be associated with such an awful man? I assume this is just a really bad typo.

4.) That sounds like a pretty nasty STD…

Twitter: @brfreed

Sex Clams? Yikes. That doesn’t sound pleasant, must be a new super STD or something, you don’t want to be catching that! Or, it’s just the most obvious typo ever and you probably shouldn’t trust a newspaper that can’t spell…

5.) Oh dear Lord


I’m really not sure that Jesus would agree with the whole thrusting part and that certainly doesn’t sound sweet. Seriously an awkward mistake to make, imagine how many people would have to hold back a snigger in church.

6.) Being dead didn’t stop him

Twitter: @Evolutionistrue

Wow, I didn’t know that Napoleon was this hardcore. He DIED and yet that didn’t stop him from making a speedy recovery and making more music. I wonder if the person who wrote this book speaks to him regularly still.

7.) Everyone’s favourite


What a classic combination! Everyone loves a spot of porn and beans, two for $1 too, it’s a steal! This is such an awkward typo and it’s SO obvious, I refuse to believe that no one spotted this. Maybe it’s a marketing tactic…conspiracy.

8.) They censor everything these days!

Twitter: @_vixx

Wow. I don’t even know how they managed this! How is the word ‘mother’ more offensive than the F-word?! Clearly, BBC needs to work on their censoring department.

9.) Sounds delicious!


Don’t we all just love leaving KFC with a loaded bowel? No? Just me then. At least this sign isn’t sugar-coating it, what you see it what you get. Take it or leave it. I think most would leave it…

10.) Should have listened to the bit that said DO NOT PUBLISH

Twitter: @msLAS

Oh dear, now this is a little bit mysterious isn’t it? WHEN and WHERE of WHAT? I don’t know, you tell me!

11.) Excuse me?!


Well, this book just insults you before you’ve even started reading it! I love how serious a page headed up with ‘peeface’ tries to be…

12.) Um, I’m okay thanks Pepsi


I’m not sure why anyone would want that all over their shopping, what a mess! Pepsi should really stop telling people what to do, especially when it’s this disgusting.

13.) I didn’t realise that we were so scary!

Twitter: @odavis_

Every single millennial should feel ashamed of themselves for scaring the investment chief so much. I’m not sure what’s so terrifying about bitcoin either. This guy seems to be scared of everything!

14.) Now that you ask…


This computer is asking me some pretty deep questions and now I’m not too sure how I feel about existing. Was this even a typo?! No one will ever know…

15.) Sounds terrifying…

Twitter: @Naomi_Schalit

Now, who isn’t scared of furry?! Come on! Fire and furry is a formidable combination that makes us all fear for our lives on a daily basis.

16.) That’s unfortunate…


Don’t you just hate it when this happens? Hopefully, he makes a speedy recovery, it sounds pretty traumatic…

17.) That sounds awful

Twitter: @alboreto

A smelly, dented and rusted vulva? No thank you, that sounds horrifying. I wonder what happened to her…

18.) Owen is such a nice guy


Owen loves to warm up cookies for people, making them extra tasty. Everyone should thank Owen for his cookie warming services, he is so selfless.

These typos have definitely made my day and I hope that they have made you smile! Which was your favourite? Have you come across a funny typo before? Let us know in the comments!