18 Photos That Will Remind You Of Your Grandmother’s House

18 Photos That Will Remind You Of Your Grandmother’s House


Going to visit your nan is a blissful experience. You get entirely spoiled and hunger doesn’t exist inside her home. From that distinctive ‘nan smell’ to the heartwarming decor choices, your grandmother’s house is a wonderful haven, and these 18 pictures will take you right back there…


1. Tupperware containers, which are used as cake and biscuit tins almost always


2. The 300 house plants

Twitter / @Adri_cali18

3. The standard grandma carpet pattern

Twitter / @Katiiebunting

4. The adorable granny curtains

Twitter / @verycupcakes


5. The sewing kit she’s used to hold the same cardigan together for 50 years

Twitter / @CarrieMacWrites

6. Falling for this sewing kit disguised as a biscuit tin EVERY TIME

Twitter / @MamshiesOfMNL

7. Standard grandma pin cushion

Twitter / @SinCitysQueen

8. The creepy toilet roll cover

Twitter / @DKShan

9. The lights she probably picked out back when electricity was invented


Twitter / @kristyeggwhites

10. The staple armchair

Twitter / @BarnabyNo1Dog

11. The tiny boxes she has laying around – seriously what does she keep in them??

Twitter / @Ambreen427

12. The cross stitch museum on her walls

Twitter / @whatthefudge

13. The sofa she’s had so long it’s got that perfect lumpy to springy ratio

Twitter / @AndrewFairbairn

14. Her crazy amount of porcelain and figurines…

Twitter / @alisonborealis

15. The original Apple Watch

Twitter / @LPUltimate1996

16. This kind of redundant tablecloth

Twitter / @annieese_asf

17. The drawer you could lose your hand in

Cassie Smyth / BuzzFeed

18. The sweets bowl that is NEVER EMPTY


Twitter / @OldManGlenners