18 Toys That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

18 Toys That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

18 Toys That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

1. This phone

While it isn’t necessarily as advanced as the smart phones kids have these days – no apps to talk to your mates, no social media or all the games you could possibly imagine… But it was still fun! Nothing better than a toy that you frequently get your fingers stuck in, right?!

2. Chickaboo

If you didn’t have one, you wanted one. These were the cutest toy you could have although I’ll bet their fur didn’t say nice and fluffy for long! What was yours called?

3. Fisher Price garage

The elevator was so advanced back in the day, it was my favourite part. Which coloured car did you always go for?

4. Fisher Price green tree house

If the garage wasn’t for you, you must’ve had this one! Popping your family into the little swing to kick back and relax while you gave their tree house a home renovation moving all their furniture around! Besides, anything with a dog is a win.

5. Tupperware shape toy

This one will really test your memory – you were super young when you first got one of these, and for some reason it was a lot harder than it seems to figure out why the shape wouldn’t fit into the hole.

6. This bear

While a little bit creepy looking nowadays, this bear was the real hit in your cot – there were so many things to do on it, I don’t think you ever got bored with it. Not so great for cuddling, though.

7. Playmobil

Much like Fisher Price toys, they’ve gotten a lot more advanced these days! There’s so many to choose from and all the little accessories you could ever dream of – not that we’re jealous of today’s kids, or anything…

8. Fisher Price big yellow teapot

We got to thinking about Fisher Price again, and couldn’t not add this one in! So many doors to open, what more could you possibly want?! And you could so easily just pick it up and take it over to your friends house to play with them, too!

9. A pull-along dog

Being as realistic as this, you had everyone fooled. And even if it wasn’t real, this little guy was still easily your best friend growing up, following you on whatever adventures you found yourself on. Where did you take yours?

10. Baby Annabell

You felt like a right grown up changing her outfits, carrying her around and popping her in the baby bit of the shopping trolley when you were out getting groceries with your parents. She was so much better than the hard, all-over plastic dolls because you could give her plenty of hugs and cuddles!

11. The bionic man 

There was no better feeling like the moment you happened to roll up his sleeve and notice the robot-style wiring underneath for the first time.

12. The activity center

Kept you entertained for hours.

13. Evel Knievel

He had to be one of the coolest action figures – we all wanted to have a motorcycle as cool as his when we grew up… Think of how much that thought used to scare your mum!

14. Tiny Tears doll

What did you name your baby?

15. Baby Bean doll

For some reason we’d need every kind of doll on the market – we just wanted a big happy family, that’s all!

16. Pull string dolls

“Oops I’ve lost my body!” “I’ve lost my head over you” “I’m falling apart, uh oh!”

Looking back, they were a bit creepy, but for some reason we all loved them!

17. Tonka trucks

18. Troll dolls

There’s a whole film about these now!