18 Tweets That Prove Just How Hilarious Kids Can Be

18 Tweets That Prove Just How Hilarious Kids Can Be

18 Tweets That Prove Just How Hilarious Kids Can Be

Parenting is a journey that, no matter how much preparation you think you’re doing, you’ll never be fully prepared for. You just can’t summarise how it is to have kids in a few words, so we might as well just let their actions speak for themselves. In these tweets, we get an insight into what a “typical” day for parents might actually look like.

1. They don’t know what they’re saying, but they’re still so sure of what they’re saying

We’re never calling it “tonight” again

2. They’re still learning valuable lessons, such as “Better late than never”

And let’s be real, it works

3. They always find a way to teach you something new every single day

Even in the ways you least expect it

4. Taking selfies becomes a whole new different ball game

They’re having fun, I swear…

5. When they have a point, you just didn’t see it yet

Cause shadows are pretty creepy if you think too hard about it. Stalkers.

6. Washing your kid’s hair and hoping nobody calls the police

So much for it saying no more tears on the bottle!

7. Wishing it was easier to just have a break

It doesn’t work like that, unfortunately

8. Important information and reminders should always be given to others when they are on the loo


9. On the flip side – those moments when they have a point, and it gives you a whole new perspective on life

We never thought about it like¬†that before…

10. You can’t judge them for having priorities

Honestly? We bet most adults are the same

11. They come out with pure comedy gold in the weirdest and most unexpected of ways

Isn’t this poem the most touching thing you’ve read all day?

12. Innocence is bliss

And it’s also just as funny. You’ve got to give this kid credit for being so innovative.

13. Cooking something that’s yummy to you, and to them you might as well have told them to lick the floor outside

Our question is always: how do you even know what that tastes like?!

14. When you know your preferences: stick to them

Don’t you know that triangular sandwiches taste 100 times better than plain, boring squares?

15. When they make a point, and you… Are a little creeped out, to be honest

She’s observant, but it’s giving us the heebie jeebies for some reason

16. Their culinary skills are practically unbeatable

Just face it – you’d have NEVER thought of a combination like this

17. They know love better than we do

The next time someone does this for you… You know what it means

18. Conflict solving? No problem!

Kids have it down. That feeling when they demonstrate more emotional maturity than the rest of us could ever hope for.

Let’s all just take some deep breaths and have a piece of cheese, man.

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