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19 Designers Who Need To Be Sacked Right Away

19 Designers Who Need To Be Sacked Right Away

Sometimes, at the end of a long day, you just need a good laugh. And sometimes, you need a good laugh at other people’s incompetence – in some cases, it’s the only other option to keep you from crying. Especially if you’re the owners of any of these properties…


Here’s a collection of 19 times construction work has gone seriously wrong. Or in other words, at least 19 people who need to reconsider their hobby and/or line of work. Wow. Just wow.

1. You know when you’re stumbling downstairs at 3am because you need to pee? Now imagine going into your bathroom and finding this conundrum:

2. I have so many questions. Is this a bathroom? A Kitchen? Why is there a microwave in my bathroom? Why is there a shower and toilet in my kitchen? Why would you put the least two hygienic places in one room? 

3. Not only did whoever create this monstrosity manage to miss the water fountain tray, but they’re sending the stream of water right onto the plug socket below

4. The world’s most impossible to use ramp is here!

5. And the world’s scariest cycle lane is here… Yikes. Good luck, and you’ll probably need to know how to swim

6. This is ridiculous, but you just know you’d try to reach it when you’re out and about and your phone is absolutely dying

7. Does looking at this make you TYREd of all these construction fails?

8. A nice handy rail for all the ghosts floating about at this station

9. Top tip: make sure you install a garden fence with your garden gate


10. Were giant cacti really the best choice of plant to put in the middle of a bench? Really?

11. It looks like this parking meter’s going for a walk. See ya later! Did anyone remind it to look both ways?

12. All the kids would fight over this seat anyway

13. You can just imagine whoever did this tried so hard, but to no avail

14. Oh no. Oh no. OH NO.

15. This feels like a visual metaphor for those times that you just can’t be bothered anymore

16. Wait, maybe this is the world’s worst ramp. Talk about accessibility…

17. You’d think this one was common sense. You’d think.

18. No idea how this could have happened, but it’s hilarious that it did. It almost looks intentional!

19. Everyone wants their driveway to look like a cross between a mountain and a roller coaster from Drayton Manor, right?


LOL! If these disasters made you laugh, share these fails with a friend and brighten their day!