19 Husbands Who Need To Have Everything Spelled Out To Them

19 Husbands Who Need To Have Everything Spelled Out To Them

19 Husbands Who Need To Have Everything Spelled Out To Them

Marriage is hard. You’re essentially a two-person team, trying to run something huge! A relationship. It requires a huge amount of work, a lot of dedication, and communication when it comes to making your relationship and marriage work.

But I don’t know if any of you have noticed, trying to communicate with your boyfriend or husband can be seriously hard work at times. They’ll give you complicated answers to simple questions like ‘would you like tea or coffee?’ Or will completely misread what you’ve just said. Why is talking to men and asking them to do something so hard? Will it always be like this?

Sometimes it feels as if you have to write everything out for them on a very detailed, but not too complicated list.


Here are 19 husbands who need to have everything spelled out for them.



Ok, so maybe she should have premeasured a cup of washing powder herself before asking her husband to do the washing…. Oh, who am I kidding, he would have messed it up anyway!

Pasta Time


Unless you’re starving, never trust your man to make your food. If you’re unable to cook, make him get you a takeaway. Trust me, it’s safer and much tastier this way…

Bullet Points


Maybe next time you should just stick to bullet points… It might be a bit simpler for him…


Whipped Cream


Ok, while this isn’t how I’d whip cream, I actually like the innovative. Though, I’m worried he’s going to obliterate those eggs.

Cocoa Shake


…Pro Parenting Tip: Never leave your child with their father, unless you want to clean up their mess afterward.

Evil Baby Genius


Please tell me that’s not just a regular marker and not a permanent marker… Oh, my!

Dry Frying


This is what happens when you put your clothes to dry in the microwave and not in the dryer. Bad husband!