19 Things You Won't Know Unless You've Worked At Harrods

19 Things You Won’t Know Unless You’ve Worked At Harrods

19 Things You Won’t Know Unless You’ve Worked At Harrods

There’s nothing better than treating yourself to a luxurious trip to Harrods – but there are some things that happen behind the scenes that the employees won’t tell you. Curious to find out what, exactly? Just read on…

Oh, and if you are or have been a Harrods employee, you’re sure to relate to the things on this list!

1. Harrods employees get a lovely 33% discount on most things in the store

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It’s already difficult enough to not fritter away all of your wages on glamorous footwear, so we can only imagine.

2. Retail agencies provide most of the beauty hall staff, so they might not know where everything is

Despite the full time staff trying their utmost to brief these workers on where to find everything and what everything is, Harrods is a huge place. They may not know each and every staff room door.

3. Harrods staff have not – I repeat, have not – tried every single one of the beauty products

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It’s nice to have recommendations from someone who knows what they’re talking about, but it would be impossible to try everything there!

4. They haven’t eaten all of the foods in the food hall, either

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It’s surprising how many people believe this. But once again, it would be near impossible to sample all of the things!

5. If they forget to bring their name badge that day, they have to wear a replacement one

Source: Nickelodeon | Paramount Television

So they might end up with a temporary and unexpected “nickname” for the day thanks to their memory lapse!

6. If their personal belongings aren’t placed in a clear plastic bag, then staff can’t pass through security 

Source: Fred Dufour | AFP | Getty Images

Similar to an airport, except you can take more than 100ml of liquids.

7. Beauty and fragrance staff are critically examined before they head out to the shop floor

Source: Twentieth Century Fox

Standards are high and they need to be looking their absolute best!

8. There aren’t half as many celebrities spotted at Harrods as you might think

Source: John Stillwell | PA Archive | PA Images

Celebs mostly enter via their private doors, and some even come time their visits outside of opening hours. Actually laying eyes on one of them is unfortunately a rarity!

9. But when they do visit, you can probably tell pretty easily

Source: Passion Distribution

If you spot someone in the store wearing sunglasses and with others carrying their bags for them – it’s probably a celebrity.

10. Harrods customers are generally either tourists or people who want to spend a tonne of money


Source: Getty Images: John Phillips | Oli Scarff

There are all sorts of clientele, but those are usually the main two groups.

11. Harrods is full of security who are dressed down in ordinary clothes – they’ll track down anyone who’s looking suspicious

Source: John Phillips | Getty Images

But that does mean newer staff sometimes mistake them for customers and try to sell them things!

12. Harrods is enormous, even to the staff

Source: Lux Compagnie

They’ll spend most of their lunch break just getting to the canteen and only then realise they’ve forgotten their wallet.

13. If they forget to bring flats, they’ll just have to make the journey home in the uniform’s “structured shoe”

Source: Walt Disney

You’re in extreme pain, but least you look fashionable. Right?!

14. Staff will spend a heck of a lot of time organising the displays… Only for a kid to come and ruin them

Source: Warner Bros.


15. Yes, there’s a memorial to Princess Diana and Dodi. No, they weren’t buried beneath Harrods

Source: Scott Barbour | Getty Images

A lot of people really think this, apparently. At least those kinds of questions might make an employee’s boring shift interesting!

16. It doesn’t matter how much you’re spending – your customer service will always be to the highest standard

Source: Zak Hussein | PA Archive | PA Images

Don’t stress if you don’t have that dolla!

17. But if you really are spending a lot of dosh, you’ll get special treatment

Source: Mj Kim | Getty Images


18. Staff are regularly asked if the fibre optic lighting is original

Which would have been impressive, considering that Harrods was built in the 19th century.

19. Despite any and all silly questions, they still have an amazing time working there

Source: Oli Scarff | Getty Images

It’s so impressive at Chistmas, too!


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