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20 Adorable Raccoon Pictures That Will Brighten Your Day

20 Adorable Raccoon Pictures That Will Brighten Your Day

When you’re having a bad day, there’s nothing that makes you feel warm and squishy on the inside like pictures of adorable animals. Most of the time we automatically turn to tiny puppies and fluffy kittens – but we have something better.


Somehow, these pictures of raccoons are quite possibly the cutest things we’ve ever seen, and they’re quickly becoming my new go-to for when I need that little bubble of joy to get me through the day.

Brace yourself for baby raccoons, raccoons and their various friends of different animal species, hilarious raccoons doing human things, and even raccoons who are more photogenic than I am.

1. The tiny hands… S’cute…

2. It’s cuddling a teddy bear – what more could you possibly want?!

3. Get somebody who looks at you the way this raccoon looks at this man.

4. Where’s Wally?

5. It’s not bed time yet, it’s play time!


6. We all know somebody who sleeps like this!

7. Who you lookin’ at?

8. All aboard the doggo train!

9. Carol, we need to have a talk.

10. Somebody call vogue, she is a model.

11. Young love.

12. Peek-a-boo!

13. Just two pals hangin’ out.

14. Rub-a-dub dub, there’s a raccoon in the tub!

15. BFF’S

16. It’s so tiny!!

17. The light fur is super cute!

18. For me?!

19. Smol baby is too much to handle!

20. Having a quick feast.

Feel better?

We hope this post has not only cheered you up if you were having a bad day, but also opened your eyes to how incredibly adorable raccoons are!


There was too much cuteness in one post, for sure!