30+ Petty Neighbors Who've Run Out Of Patience For The People Around Them

30+ Petty Neighbors Who’ve Run Out Of Patience For The People Around Them

30+ Petty Neighbors Who’ve Run Out Of Patience For The People Around Them

If I had to count the number of times in a day that people got on my nerves, we’d be here for a VERY long time… Take slow walkers for example, just move!

judge judy eye roll GIF

Fortunately, when I head home I can do so with a smile on my face knowing that within the confines of my own house, nothing and nobody can irritate me… Apart from Walt.

However, not everyone is so lucky. Some people dread going home when they have neighbors that are just plain rude. The friction can intensify the longer you live next door to one another until everything eventually comes to the boil.

Luckily for us, there are those that are willing to take a stand and it’s a recipe for some hilariously passive aggressive results…



1. Read between the lines

The HOA In My Friend’s Neighborhood Recently Threatened Her Neighbors With A Fine If They Didn’t Hide Their Trash Cans, Even Though They’ve Been In The Same Spot For Over A Decade. This Is Their Solution

When you’re told repeatedly to move your trash cans out of site, despite having had them in the same place for years prior, there’s only one logical response right? Right.

And that response is to build a fence so small that it only covers the bin itself. But why stop there? Why not take this opportunity to retaliate to the pettiness with some next level pettiness of your own?




2. “We’ll Send Our Grandson To Poop On Your Lawn”

Our Elderly Neighbors Have This Sign Posted On The Bike Path In Their Backyard

In extreme circumstances, extreme measures must be taken. But, I think even the most evil of revenge lovers would raise their eyebrows at this one.

First of all, the culprit in question must be terrible for picking up dog poop. That or the people behind the sign are just easily triggered.

Secondly, i’m starting to believe that they are deadly serious too…




3. The pettiness is strong with this one

When it comes to the aesthetics of somebody else’s lawn, the best thing to do is mind your own business.

Especially when your issue is with something as small as some sprouting dandelions!

It’s hardly that big of a deal is it really? Plus, you never know what kind of neighbor you’re dealing with until you complain, so if it’s a tiny issue… best to leave it be.


4. Batman vs The Joker

There Are Some Indications Of Animosity Between Two Of My Neighbours

Now, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say there might be some animosity between these two.

5. One way to stand up to homophobia

Our New Neighbors Are Bigots. Since Regular Aggression Leads To Assault Charges, I Went With Passive-Aggression. 10,000 Lights Later

To add a bit of context, this gentleman’s neighbor had made negative/derogatory comments about his sexual preferences.

So, in typically passive aggressive fashion, he chose to retaliate through the medium of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of tiny lights.

Hats off to you sir!



6. Friendly reminder


The Sign Posted In Our Yard In The Fight Against Unwanted Dog Poop

It’s not difficult is it? You get a dog, you pick up his/her poop.

It’s not glamorous, but neither is being publicly shamed like this.


7. “Do you mind being louder?”

Decided To Use Reverse Psychology On The New Neighbors

Sometimes the only way to force people to be a little more considerate is to pretend to be an absolute creep.

At least, I hope he’s pretending…



8. Noisy walkers make for angry neighbors

Passive-Aggressive Neighbors At Their Finest

A personal pet peeve of mine also- you’re not an elephant, don’t stomp around like one!


9. They say love often stems from hate…

Neighbor Feud Takes An Amusing Turn

Finding common ground may have ended this argument and helped to form a new friendship, but I was really enjoying the doodles…

Image result for friends gif


10. Some of us are TRYING to quit

Please Stop, He Needs To Quit

Honestly, some people have no consideration for the people around them, let alone innocent cats with a craving.

Poor Smokey here’s been chewing that nicotine gum for weeks and weeks and weeks to no avail and this certainly isn’t helping!

But, I reckon that even if the message itself doesn’t deter the culprits, that intimidating, soul destroying stare will probably do the trick.



11. Gobble Gobble


My Neighbour's Kid Is Always Playing In My Yard And Leaving His Toys. When He Left Two Broomsticks, I Left This In His Yard As A Warning. And Yes, It Is Still Winter In Canada

This man’s neighbor’s kids were constantly leaving their toys on his front lawn while out playing.

So, he decided to bring some humour to the situation and give them a gentle reminder of what would happen if it continued.


12. Who’d have thought mirrors for windows would be so useful?

Our Neighbor Likes To Turn On Flood Lights That Beam Through Our Windows At Night. My Dad Hates Him So Much That He's Installing One Way Mirrors Facing His House So They Bounce It Back, And Retain The Darkness Inside Our House

Next doors ‘flood lights’ were a tad on the bright side in the evenings and this person didn’t want to be stealing free light.

So, he’s kindly found a way to send it back where it came from… how thoughtful!



13. Ouch, that’s got to hurt

Hey Neighbour, Happy New Year!

Not only has he got to cough up some cash for a new bed, his prides taken a real beating in the process.


14. “Look Bob”

Look, Bob

In fairness, he’s not wrong.



15. Is it big enough?


Google Maps Level Neighbor Feud

Living away from the hustle and bustle of the city in a house that happens to have huge, untouched outdoor space provides an opportunity for greater imagination. And we’re certainly grateful for that fact.

Because every so often, someone takes advantage of it. What i’d really like to know is what they did to deserve an insult so incredibly ‘extra’.



16. “In the nude”

Max, Apt 3F

He had the time to do all of that AND draw a picture of himself, that’s a freakin’ long time for clothes to sit in a dryer!

Having said that, I bet there’s a fair few people out there that can relate to this one, can you?

Just one of the millions of annoying little things about having shared utility spaces in buildings!



17. “Are you torturing someone?”

My Friend Just Moved Into A New Apartment And Left This Note On Her Neighbor's Doorstep

Sometimes it’s so bad it can seem like torture, that’s all i’m saying.

18. Your move

So My Neighbors Had A Dispute


I don’t know why someone would call the police over a bunch of plastic flamingos, but…

That’s check b*tch!



19. So silly!

The Pooper Stooper

Whoever said passive aggressive revenge was dead is a liar…

and also made up because nobody said that.

20. And the creepiest act of the year goes to…

Think This Will Solve The Problem?

I just hope that’s a CD and not a DVD, otherwise things could get a bit freakin’ weird.



21. Bottoms up

As a homeowner, you’re free to do whatever you want with the topiary in your yard. You can be creative and turn it into an area of zen and peace, or let it become overgrown and tired-looking.

But, what about making it expose its grassy buttocks to your neighbor 24/7?

Completely acceptable, don’t you think?

It’s petty yes, but it’s also hilarious so who cares?



22. Tar very much for that

I get that tarring your drive isn’t free, but it still looks a bit childish to leave the neighbor’s property completely untouched.

What’s more is it doesn’t even look like that great of a job. Not that i’m an expect on tarring or anything, but shouldn’t you look at the cracks first?

Man, talk about things freakin’ backfiring. Now they both look like idiots.


23. Don’t trust the B in 515

WiFi network names are a great way to add a whole new dimension to the war of attrition some of us are inevitably going to have with our neighbors.

It means you can get your message across, without having to get into a face-t0-face confrontation. Think of it as expert level pettiness brought to the 21st century.

I like it, I like it a lot.


24. A-hole to Major Tom…

Sometimes it’s not enough that the neighbourhood knows how much you hate them.

Sometimes you have to get the satellites involved.

Sometimes the whole world needs to know just what you think of them.

Image result for it's necessary gif

25. What a knob

It looks like this guy partied a little bit too hard over the weekend.

Still, at least he fessed up and addressed his indiscretions.

That’s what neighbors do, right?


26. Would you just look at this sh*t

This neighbor wanted there to be no ambiguity whatsoever as to what their beef was.

Is it just me, or do 50% of all neighborly disputes come down to the subject of poop?

27. It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Christmas time.

Mistletoe and wine.

What better time to troll your neighbours by positioning Rudolph in a lewd position?


28. That’s it, i’m done!

This was the latest in a series of pranks that two neighbors played on each other over a few months.

I don’t know about you, but I’d give up after being subjected to this one.

Image waking up early in the morning and walking past this thing…

29. Making a Mini out of a molehill

Yeah, so this guy decided he should get a parking space, even though he didn’t have car. He fought pretty hard for it.

Then, when he got it, he decided to put a Mini model in there.

Why? Because f*ck your neighbours, that’s why.



30. There’s just no need for this parking

Staying with the subject of parking, here’s a prime example of what we NOT finna do.

This might have been a slight overreaction from the neighbor…

…but this is some of the worst and most inconsiderate parking I’ve ever seen.


31. Dave the rave

I would imagine that these two neighbors have known each other for some time.

I think it’s fair to say that they are now too close – both figuratively and literally.

On a side note- i’d be pretty freakin’ impressed if you could smell that fart from the other side of the wall…



32. Pink gets me high as a kite

This is one that asks more questions than it answers.

Did the neighbor put it there? How long has it been there if not?

Why would anyone feel the need to throw their dildo onto the roof?!

33.There goes the neighborhood


If you look up the phrase ‘passive-aggressive’ in the dictionary, it should just show a picture of this letter.

I mean how incredibly controlling do you have to be to write something like this? And, how unbelievably up your own a*s do you have to be to think it’s a good idea?

What a freakin’ douche!



34. Slither in

This guy’s neighbour complained that his trees and hedges were becoming overgrown. As if that isn’t already one of the most complained about topics in the western world… ever.

So, naturally, he decided to do the right thing, and stick realistic-looking plastic snakes everywhere.

I’d just have to move, to be honest. Either that or wait to have a heart attack one day!



35. Welcome to Jurassic yard

The house who owns this life-size model of a velociraptor obviously have a great sense of humor.

I just hope that their poor neighbors do as well!

36. I can’t bear this

This is a next-level prank for those who live in snowy areas.

Imagine the commitment you’d need to have to order a pair of these things!



37. Those are certainly all words

Another neighbor, another passive-aggressive note.

This time around, however, the grammar isn’t quite on point.

38. Noteception

Someone has finally got sick of the homeowners’ bullish*t and snapped.

I suppose it’s good to see people fighting back against the tyrants of the Capitol Hill homeowners association.

I think this belongs in a modern art museum.



39. Call 911!

Actually don’t, it’s just a dummy.

I’m all for creative decorations, but this is surely crossing some kind of line.

It certainly had me going!

40. Nnnnnope


After many years of searching, I think I might finally have found someone that is MORE stubborn than I am!

Fair play to this person for refusing to leave their home.

It just goes to show, persistence DOES show off sometimes…



41. The green, green grass of home

This one pretty much speaks for itself.

What’s amazing about it is how detailed and well-done it is!

Despite his pettiness, the guy obviously has talent.

42. No business like snowbusiness

A great prank to play on a neighbor while they’re asleep.

This thing must have taken all night to pull off!



43. A matter of perspective

For just a few bucks, you can get yourself a cardboard silhouette cutout and scare the living bejeezus out of your neighbour.

As for how they’ll react towards you, it’s anyone’s guess.

We take no responsibility for any bad blood!

44. Take advantage of this special offer

I have mixed feelings about this one.

On one hand, I can’t help but admire someone bearing a grudge this hard – this is a person after my own cranky heart.

On the other, it doesn’t make very much business sense. I can’t imagine this sign attracted many potential buyers!



45. A penny saved is a penny earned

This is a well-established act of pettiness, that doesn’t get any less pathetic as the years go by.

What it lacks in originality, it makes up for in sheer spite.

46. Louder than life

Here’s a note that the couple in question were probably pretty embarrassed about receiving.

Whoever wrote it may be petty, but is also undeniably funny.



47. Hey, Dumbo!

In terms of pettiness, this is right up there with the best of them.

Still, at least whoever wrote this one used a little bit of imagination.

48. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

More poop-based tomfoolery here, only this time with a bit more of an artistic twist.

Come to think of it, they would’ve had to get pretty close to the poop in order to draw around it with chalk…



49. We see you, peeping tom!

These guys obviously think that they have a voyeur opposite them, and are trying to deal with it in the only way they can.

Whether or not their suspicions are correct, it’s seems like the only reasonable way of dealing with the situation.

After all, there are some strangely curious people out there…

50. Bark at the moon

I don’t approve of this one – it crosses the line into straight-up vandalism.

I can only imagine the scenes if the owner caught them doing this red-handed!



51. I P Freely

Last but definitely not least, here’s a very inconsiderate neighbor who found a loophole in the text of this sign.

With neighbors like these, who needs enemies?

Hope you’ve enjoyed this list, folks! I know I certainly did. And, what’s more is i’m not ashamed to say I would probably do half of the things on it without hesitation. Is that because i’m petty? Is it because i’d fine it hilarious? I think you know the answer…

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