20 Best British Hangover Foods The Rest Of The World Is Jealous Of

20 Best British Hangover Foods The Rest Of The World Is Jealous Of

20 Best British Hangover Foods The Rest Of The World Is Jealous Of

1. A munchie Box, a pizza filled with various take-out foods, possibly bought the night before and reheated in the microwave.

Lethal scran 😍 #MunchieBox

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2. If you can drag yourself out of the house there’s always the beer and a burger deal from Weatherspoons, maybe with a soft drink if you’re not quite ready to face alcohol again.

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3. Eggy Bread, probably with a savoury topping.

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4. A good fishfinger sandwich. Odds are most Brits have half a pack of fish-fingers in the back of their freezers, and it’s pretty easy to make while you chug water and try to find some painkillers.

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5. The local burger van is always there, and usually cheap enough that you don’t feel bad spending more money no matter how much you spent the night before. And onions are healthy right? It’s probably just as good for you as fruit.

6. Beans on toast. Classic and low effort, maybe with some cheese if your stomach can handle it.

7. A sausage sandwich. Super greasy, on soft white buttery bread. Is there anything better?

8. Depending on taste, some people prefer a bacon sarnie in the morning.

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9. Sometimes all you need is a good cup of tea.


10. Or a damn fine cup of coffee. Either from a local coffee shop or from a tin, it’s the best way to try and get your brain firing again after a long night.

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11. A chip butty. Carbs on carbs on butter. It’ll fill your stomach and cover up all the bad feelings.

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12. Prawn cocktail crisps. The sharp flavour will cut Β right through that bad morning taste in your mouth.

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13. A carton of Ribena. Maybe the childhood memories will cover up the embarrassing memories of what you texted to your ex last night. The bottled version isn’t as good somehow, maybe the flavour is enhanced by going through a straw?

Ribena cartons / re: Tesco ‘lunch-box’ sugary drink ban

14. Bubble and Squeak. Is this even a thing outside of the UK? If not, it really should be. Made from leftover sprouts, mash and cabbage, it’s perhaps not something you want to make when you’re hungover, but it’s fantastic if you have some in the fridge.

#bubbleandsqueak easily the best thing about leftovers… πŸŽ„πŸ˜‹

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15. Anything from Greggs. Sausage rolls are probably the best things ever, hungover or not.

No pie is better than #greggs #pie

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16. Irn Bru. The sugar will keep you going.

17. Or if you’re not into that, maybe a Lucozade? Actually, did anyone else’s mum make them drink Lucozade when they were ill or was that just mine?

18. A cheese toastie, because you may only use that sandwich toaster once a month, but it’s a good use.

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19.Β There’s always the classic Ham Egg and Chips.

20. And of course, the good old fashioned Full English Breakfast


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