20 Embarrassing Selfie Fails That Will Make You Cringe!

20 Embarrassing Selfie Fails That Will Make You Cringe!

While many of us remember a time when selfies were for the self-obsessed, but now taking a selfie is so commonplace that it’s weird if you don’t take selfies at least every now and then!

With the rapid progression of the selfie lifestyle and all that comes with it, people are inventing new selfie poses and new ways of taking selfies, it should come as no surprise that there are an increasing number of epic selfie fails.

We’ve compiled a list of 20 of the best selfie fails from across the internet for you to cringe, laugh and wince at!

1. The Classic – Pulling A Terrible Face On Purpose So You Don’t Have To Be Insecure About Accidental Bad Selfies

2. It’s weird when you see the perfect selfie angle from a different angle… 

3. This 1D fan is way too excited about leggings…

4. He thought no-one was home to witness him perfecting his selfie game

5. Everything about this is perfect, from the public transport, to the hair, to the “don’t look at the camera” pose…