20 Heartbreaking Photos That Show The Horrifying Consequences Of Planet Pollution

20 Heartbreaking Photos That Show The Horrifying Consequences Of Planet Pollution

20 Heartbreaking Photos That Show The Horrifying Consequences Of Planet Pollution

Our planet is amazing, it’s a miracle we’re even here really, but let’s not get onto an existential crisis too early here, as you will see soon, there’s plenty of time for that!

With it boasting so many beautiful countries, landmarks and locations and millions of life forms, it’s pretty mind-bending to think about, but also a stunning thought to think that we can visit anywhere we like in the world, whenever we’re able…and some people live their whole lives and never see anything outside of where they live.

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It’s a big wide, gorgeous world out there and not only are some of us not making the most of it, but we’re also taking it for granted….big time!

We go about our daily lives, not realising the devastating effect that some of our actions are having on mother earth.

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So, we want to reveal 20 of the most heartbreaking pictures that show the true, horrific consequences, that the human effect is having on our precious planet. Not to make you feel guilty…or even upset you, but to perhaps make you think of the bigger picture if you haven’t before, & even if it’s just this once.

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1. A picture paints a thousand words

It’s striking when one picture can tell you more about an ecological situation in one country, then a thousand words ever could. Air pollution in China is just one of the many environmental concerns that are blighting their country…and the planet.

2. Algae Disaster

Qingdao in China suffered the largest ever algae bloom in 2013, with vast waves of green growth washing onto the shores of the Yellow Sea. This is generally harmless to humans but chokes off any poor marine life. Although scientists weren’t sure exactly what caused the sudden influx in green, stringy muck, pollution is their main suspect.

3. Fish Trapped In A Plastic Glove

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This is so heartbreaking, those poor fish. It’ll certainly make me think twice, the next time I’m dying my hair or similar, I won’t be using plastic anymore!

4. Oil Spills

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They may look like pretty artwork, but their consequences are far from aesthetic. They pose a serious life risk to our marine life.

5. Poor Pelican

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That poor, poor bird. This is so hard to look at. Another horrible consequence of those oil spills. As if trying to survive in the wild isn’t hard enough for our creatures, without having to deal with our mistakes and mess ups.

6. Fishing Nets Are Lethal

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The creepy ‘ghost’ fishing nets are making life a nightmare for sea creatures, and they’re killing off thousands of animals every year! Imagine how frightened those poor animals are going to be in this situation? Must just be sheer panic, followed by a slow horrible death, just heartbreaking.

7. River Yamuna in New Delhi

This river is so polluted, it’s now just a sea of foam…and people still SWIM IN IT!!!
& That’s not the only problem, when we think of rising water levels, we always think of the ice caps in Antartica, but it’s not just there that an increase in water levels is causing problems. This already heavily polluted river in Delhi, crossed the danger mark this year, causing floods and widespread damage to the local area.

8. Disgusting

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Seeing that poor child surrounded by all that horrible plastic waste is a hard thing to see, makes you realise that all that waste has to go somewhere!

9. Our Beaches Are Becoming Landfills

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When our most picturesque beaches are turning into horrible, dangerous, wildlife choking landfill sights, then it’s time to act. Although looking at some of these pictures, it almost feels already too late.

10. Trapped

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Poor sea turtles are the hardest hit by these horrible nets! As Turtles are air-breathing reptiles, when they are caught underwater in nets or on lines, they drown if they are unable to reach the surface for air. A frightening and horrible death for these poor creatures.

11. This Image is Becoming Etched Into People’s Minds

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When nature photographer Justin Hofman was out snorkelling off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumbawa last year, he didn’t know he was going to stumble upon what could be the heartbreaking poster child for today’s marine trash crisis: a tiny seahorse latching onto a cotton swab.

12. More & More Oil Spills

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At the end of the day, Oil spills are only down to human negligence and they pose such a huge risk and a multitude of problems for our environment. The oil is so toxic that it can cause a massive loss of species that live in the sea, & since they’re not a natural disaster and are only caused by us, surely more importance should really be placed on doing all we can to prevent them.

13. Because our beautiful sea life can’t take care of themselves when danger hits…

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Our beautiful sea life, shouldn’t have to bear the consequences of our irresponsibility.

14. Plastic Waves…

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Wow, this is such an awesome image and a heartbreaking one at the same time. Would you want to swim in this? Our marine life certainly doesn’t want to.

15. The Shocking Results of a Beach Clean Up

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Would it be so hard for some people to just take their trash with them? Instead of leaving it to ruin our beaches? Surely, it can’t be that difficult to have a bit of consideration.

16. Entanglement Takes Thousands of Innocent Lives

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I think it’s heartbreakingly obvious now, of the effect that fishing nets are having on our sea creatures. It’s just so sad to see.

17. The Confuso River in Paraguay

This river was filled with so many dead fish, the water could hardly be seen.

18. A Deadly Mistake…

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Sometimes, sea turtles can mistake plastic bags for Jellyfish that they can snack on…and sadly, the consequences are deadly.

19. Plastic Rings

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Plastic rings cause starvation and a horrible death for many of our poor birds.

20. Shells Dwelling On a Plastic Bottle

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When the sea is full of trash, they’ve got to make their home somewhere. Apparently, even some hermit crabs are using our rubbish as shells. I admire the little guys adapting abilities, but it really shouldn’t be this way.