20 HILARIOUS Differences Between Cats And Dogs

20 HILARIOUS Differences Between Cats And Dogs

There has been an age long debate between dog and cat lovers over which animal is better and the argument can break up families, end relationships and cause world wars. However, it’s important to remember that dogs are great faithful companions who love to play. Cats are weird, majestic, proud and independent creatures who don’t need us but tolerate us at least.

We love our furry friends but its pretty clear that they aren’t related or even from the same PLANET. These photos and comics show how cats and dogs couldn’t be more different…

1.) How they act in water



Dogs embrace water as if it were their oldest friend, they love to play, run, jump in it. It’s great until you realize you are going to have to bath them. Cats, on the other hand, have a FEAR of water, hating anyone who forces them to set foot in it.

2.) How they like going on walks


Going on a walk is a dog’s favourite pastime. Cats just will NOT cooperate. Who takes a cat on a walk anyway? Unlike DOGS cats can walk themselves, thank you very much.

3.) When you try and work from home


Dogs will be needy and want attention. Cats will try to make working as difficult as possible just because they can. Similar scenarios but VERY different intentions.

4.) Finding somewhere to sleep


Dogs will sleep in their big dog bed happily. Cats will find the smallest box possible and CRAM themselves into it, no matter how awkward and uncomfortable it looks. Cats are weird.

5.) Car rides


Dogs love car rides, it’s the adventure of their lives and nothing can stop the fun. Cats are horrified by the entire experience. It’s a rookie mistake to not put your cat in a basket in the car, you are likely to end up scratched to pieces otherwise.

6.) Dinner time


Dogs are basically hoovers and will accept ANYTHING you throw at them, it’s slightly disturbing. Cats are the Gordon Ramsay’s of the animal world, do not disappoint them or you will get so much abuse, you might even cry.

7.) When their owner gets home


Dogs love their owners for them and are just happy to see them. Cats are only interested if you are bringing them something. Return with no gifts and they won’t talk to you ever again.

8.) When we pet them


Dogs will happily receive love and affection any time of the day. Cats have to be in a VERY specific mood or you WILL be attacked. Don’t touch without permission!

9.) Sleep with their owner


Dogs will happily sleep in the same room as you, just because you are there. They give you your personal space and are very polite about the whole thing. Cats will sleep on your face because they KNOW it’s annoying. They get a kick out of it.

10.) When they’ve done something wrong


Dogs actually feel guilt and shame when misbehaving. Cats are angry at YOU for interrupting them. Have some respect, jeez.

11.) Are Held


Dogs will jump into your arms with an expression of love. Cats will sit on you WHEREVER they want without so much as a purr.

12.) Treat their owner


Dogs make it very clear that they love you unconditionally. Cats do actually love you but will not make it clear at any point. At least you know that they do, deep down.

13.) Attempting to stroke them

Bored Panda

Dogs will let you stroke them at any time. Cats do these weird acrobatics to avoid your hand. They will literally CONTORT their back to make sure your hand doesn’t make contact. It’s extremely rude.

14.) Difference in affection

Loryn Brantz

Dogs are always nice, it’s the same old same old and gets kind of boring. Cats, on the other hand, rarely hand out love and affection so when they DO choose you, it’s like the best day ever. If a cat sits on you, don’t move. They will never choose you again.

15.) If they could text


If a dog could text you, they would SPAM you about their day and need constant reassurance. If a cat could text you back, they wouldn’t. End of.

16.) What they are to us

Brian Gordon

Yes, we all need a best friend but we also all need a weird reclusive roommate. I relate to the cat on a spiritual, I don’t poop in a box though. (that’s what they think anyway)

17.) How they react to being picked up

See Bang

Don’t surprise a cat by picking it up, you’ll only regret it 10 scratches to the face later. If your cool with being licked, pick up a dog instead.

18.) The difference in meeting for the first time

Loryn Brantz

When you meet a dog, you expect it to be nice and loving. When you meet a cat, you are just shocked it didn’t run away from you in HORROR.

19.) Even the PEOPLE are different


Screw cats and dogs being different, even cat and dog PEOPLE are from different planets. Dog people make sure their dog behaves well. Cat people make sure THEY behave well for their cat.

20.) Difference in achievements

Erin Hunting

Yes, dogs may be able to do tricks and save people’s lives. But cats have their dignity intact at least.

Dogs and cats are awesome in their own ways and I actually love both, scandalous, I know. Are you a dog or cat person? Do you notice these differences between the two? Let us know in the comments! Although, don’t argue about which animal is better because THAT’S a battle that can never be won.