20 Hilarious Gravestones Of People Who 100% Got The Last Laugh

20 Hilarious Gravestones Of People Who 100% Got The Last Laugh

20 Hilarious Gravestones Of People Who 100% Got The Last Laugh

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There are only two sure things in this life; Death, and Taxes. I know that may sound miserable as heck, but just because it sounds it doesn’t mean it has to be! There’s always time for laughter, even long after you’ve shuffled off of this mortal coil… and all these people below PROVE it!

Don’t believe me? Well have a scroll down and check it out for yourself!

1. That’s One Damn Good Nap

Ah Joan Hackett, my spirit animal. Maybe she wasn’t a fan of visitors or maybe she was just a huge fan of sleeping, all I can say is… well, I hope this one actually is a joke, or Joan will be getting a pretty nasty surprise when she eventually wakes up.

2. Spanks Til I Die

And now I am cursing the universe for not placing me in the Spanks family tree. Not 100% sure if this was done on purpose or if the family was so overcome with grief that they didn’t think it through properly… but I am 100& sure that either way, it is hilarious.


Short, simple and straight to the point… I love it! Although, at this point in time I’m not sure who it sucks to be more… this guy or the people who still have to live in this current world.

4. That’s Bread Funny

John saw the opportunity and he took it with both hands, and I am so so glad he did. Greatest pun I have ever seen on a gravestone, period.

5. Carefree Un-living.

I think I would have liked Lola. She seems as laid back in death as she probably was in life. As the old saying goes; Que sera, sera!

6. The Ultimate “I Told You So!”

I gotta tell you, folks, I am 100% here for this level of pettiness. I only hope that one day I can get my petty-a*s self to this level… MAJESTIC!


7. True Blue To The End

Yaaaaaas, I love this! This person stood up so much for what he believes in, he didn’t wanna take any risks of being visited by the wrong kind of people… even in death. Get outta here, Republicans!

8. Ned Flander’s… Is That You?

Okay so this one is pretty damn adorable, this family made sure their secret language was imprinted forever on this earth, and it is bloody beautiful.

9. Simply Puuuuurfect

Hang on a second… there’s such a thing as too many cats!? I don’t believe it, and I’m sure Susan didn’t either. On the other hand, this is one of the prettiest gravestones I’ve ever seen, and I’m sure Susan would love it.

10. Telling It Like It Is

Ohhhh, guys, the salt is REAL with this one! Talk about holding up an eternal middle finger… what an amazing thing to have imprinted as your legacy forever. 100% respect for you “A Gay Vietnam Veteran”.

11. I Mean… They’re Not Wrong

Although I can’t say I’ve ever seen anybody laughing at a gravestone (then again, I’ve never seen gravestones quite as hilarious as these ones in person before) but the great thing about this one is that it’s hilarious and true. And er… kinda ominous.

12. Bet You Wish You’d Have Listened Now!

Well, whoever this poor woman’s family is I hope they’ve learned their lesson… and on the bright side at least she’ll never have to be on her sore feet ever again… right!?

13. It’s Never Too Late To Rep Yo’self

I know I know, by looking at the date on this one you can tell it’s not actually a real gravestone… or maybe the owner is just super super organized. But either way, as a marketing tool it’s pretty darn impressive and has definitely earned it’s place on this list… 10/10!

14. BUTT

Thank you Butt, thank you for this most wonderful gift you have left us, this gift of eternal laughter. From this day I shall always think of you and smile. Job well done.

15. Well, I Found Myh New Motto

Truer words hath never been spoken. Okay so maybe it’s a little dismal to say that life always sucks, but the “YOLO” message comes across quite clearly here. Oh, and it’s been written in a smiley face! What’s not to love about that?

16. You Can’t Escape Stupid

I’m right there with you Micah, I see them too… EVERYWHERE. Now, if you’re good at maths you’ll know that Micha sadly passed away at the tender age of 16. However, it looks like he was a little jokester who wanted to carry laughter with him into the afterlife, and I love that!

17. Walter The Wild Card

Well, that’s definitely one way to go! It seems to me Walter passed on with absolutely no regrets and hey, if I’d lived a life as wild as him, I’d want everybody to know about it too! You g, Walter!

18. Hidden Messages

I have SO many questions about this one. Was it Johns idea? Was it his friend’s idea? Did his family realize what he’d done? How long did it take for anyone to notice? Whatever the answer may be, this is the perfect balance between beautiful and hilarious. John sounds like he would have been a good time.

19. “I’ll Take It To My Grave!”

You know when somebody uses the phrase “Over my body!”  or “I’ll take it to my grave!”… well, this lady took it to a whole new level when she passed. She basically left the recipe for her famous fudge as an epitaph on her own gravestone. Troll level: 1000000000.

20. You’re Way Too Close, Buddy.

You can tell some thought went into this one… and I’m so glad it did! Possibly the last thing you would expect to find on a gravestone but when you think about it, it’s kind true… just think of all those bodyparts you walk over whe you’re visiting a cemetary! CREEPY.