20 Hilarious Nurse Facts That Are VERY Real

20 Hilarious Nurse Facts That Are VERY Real

20 Hilarious Nurse Facts That Are VERY Real

Nurses won’t know whether to laugh or cry at these facts, they are just TOO relatable. But hey, it’s always better to laugh at something than to cry, right? RIGHT?!

Being a nurse it a highly rewarding job, you are always helping people and SOMETIMES you might even get a heartfelt thank you, if you’re lucky. You may not sit down, eat, drink or pee all day but it’s totally worth it…

1.) Its been a long day

nursevrinds / Via instagram.com

When you’re a nurse, you really don’t have time to look after your appearance. So, after a long day, it can be quite a terrifying thing when you catch your reflection in the mirror.

2.) Why does this always happen?!

snarkynurses / Via instagram.com

Whenever you are in a hurry, you can guarantee that EVERYTHING in the supply room has suddenly swapped places. It’s probably right in front of you but the panicked rush you’re in just blinds you.

3.) Please don’t do that

memes.prn / Via instagram.com

Someone coughing near you is already not the best thing in the world. But when they decide to cough RIGHT IN YOUR FACE when you are literally inches away listening to their lungs, it’s awful. Surely, they could just hold it in…

4.) All of the time

snarkynurses / Via instagram.com

A stethoscope is like a nurse’s extra limp, they will go everywhere with it. They are so used to it that when it gets caught they are confused and scared as to what is happening.

5.) Got to stay in the loop

nursesonja / Via instagram.com

Being a nurse is an INCREDIBLY hard job, they’ve got to have some form of relief in the form of entertainment. They definitely don’t want to miss out on the latest gossip.

6.) Laugh away the tears

nurseabnormalities / Via Instagram: @nurseabnormalities

It’s okay, your body may be falling apart but if you put on a brave face it will all be completely fine…hopefully.

7.) They love huge veins

masking_as_moonlight / Via instagram.com

You may think that your huge, prominent veins are off-putting but nurses LOVE them. It makes their job so much easier, keep it up!

8.) $120 well-spent

nurse.memes / Via instagram.com

Comfort DEFINITELY outweighs style when you are a nurse. Yes, you can wear fashionable shoes but these ugly shoes will make your feet actually still feel alive after your shift.

9.) Sounds about right

nurse.pride101 / Via instagram.com

Who actually knows how to pronounce those long and complicated drug names? Not me. You can’t expect nurse to either, they are just loads of letters jumbled together!

10.) No way, really?!

snarkynurses / Via instagram.com

I’m sure nurses get a lot of people claiming that they are knocking on death’s door just because they have a bad cold. I would NOT have the patience for this.

11.) It’s not like you’re a PROFESSIONAL or anything

snarkynurses / Via instagram.com

Everyone always thinks that they know best, even when a trained professional is giving them advice. I don’t know how nurses don’t just start screaming at these annoying people.

12.) A nurse’s time is precious

snarkynurses / Via instagram.com

When I or anyone I know is ill, we turn into needy babies that need 24-hour love and attention. I have no idea how nurses deal with this on a daily basis. Humans are pathetic when we get ill, fact.

13.) Just trying to be nice

thenursecurse / Via instagram.com

I’m pretty sure your nurse probably doesn’t want to make small talk with you. So don’t make her life difficult by being rude!

14.) The day of reckoning has come

nurse.american / Via instagram.com

One day, YOU will be the responsible adult nurse in the room and that’s scary. Who do you run to when you need advice?!

15.) Christmas has come early

memes.prn / Via instagram.com

When nurses do this for each other, it truly is a wonderful thing. Such a kind, selfless soul must be amazing enough to make a sacrifice like this.

16.) Sneaky sneaky

snarkynurses / Via instagram.com

Yes, patients deserve privacy but when their health is in danger, you can’t blame nurses for violating them a bit, you’ve got to look out for them!

17.) Time isn’t fair

nurseviews / Via instagram.com

Sometimes time just hates us and decides to go INCREDIBLY slowly. It’s not fair on anyone, especially nurses who work so hard, give them a break time!

18.) Living life on the end

snarkynurses / Via instagram.com

When you’re a nurse, it’s the small victories that mean the world. So, when you do something someone told you that you couldn’t, you feel INCREDIBLY badass.

19.) It’s a miracle!

snarkynurses / Via instagram.com

It truly is a modern-day miracle when you drop your phone and it doesn’t break. For nurses, it’s a miracle when they drop their phone in ANY other than gross bodily fluids.

20.) They wear NAME TAGS

savvynurses / Via instagram.com

I have no idea how people don’t remember nurses names, not only are they looking after you but they are also WEARING TAGS WITH THEIR NAME ON. It’s not hard.

So, if you are a nurse, at least you aren’t alone, there are others who are also laughing through their pain. If you aren’t a nurse, make sure you are extra nice to your nurse if you ever need one!